4 Stars, Kiernan Kelly, Reviewed by Lynn, Torquere Press

Kiernan Kelly’s “The Keeper” Is Filled With Twists And Lots Of Action – Reviewed by Lynn

“They’re in love. Fuck the war.” ― Thomas Pynchon

Title: The Keeper

Author: Kiernan Kelly

Publisher: Torquere Press

Pages/Word Count: 204 Pages

Rating: 4 Stars

Blurb: After millennia of hiding in the shadows, the creatures of myth known collectively as “The Others,” have stepped forward into the light of day and demanded the right to live in peace, sharing the planet humans had long claimed as their own.

When the humans respond to the appearance of the Others with a threat of genocide, the Others convene a Council of War, intent on developing and implementing their attack, but they discover a chilling prophecy.
“Heed me well, all of you. Attack the humans without the Keeper and you will fail. Every one of you will become nothing but a memory, a myth, and the humans will truly inherit the earth.”
The choice is clear: The Others must find the Keeper, or die. The Council charges Liam, son of the Fae chieftain, with this critical mission but he quickly finds this mission isn’t easy. Not only does no one have any idea where The Keeper might be, but time is running out, and the Keeper is determined not to be found.


Review: I have read many books by Kiernan Kelly, and I’ve enjoyed every single one of her stories. This author has a writing style all her own, crisp, clear and to the point.

Having made themselves known to the humans, the Others are at first embraced, but their welcome soon turns ugly and bloody. War is on the horizon. Finding The Keeper may be their only hope.

I really liked this story. The author takes the reader into this world with well descriptive words, a fast moving pace and nail biting scenes. What I loved the most were all the paranormal beings banding together to fight the injustice bestowed upon them from the humans. This is a very unique storyline, one I’ve never seen done before, and one I enjoyed immensely.

Liam, a warrior, is sent out to find this mysterious Keeper. Heading to Florida, based on the clues given to him, he has no problem locating the Keeper. Now, some may say this was way too easy, finding the Keeper in the first place he looks, but I say, not so. I’m glad the author didn’t drag this on forever. Liam and Marin are destined to be together, it was almost like a magnetic force drawing them closer and closer. I loved it.

While I feel the romance is on the light side, we do see the developing relationship between Marin and Liam. I didn’t feel it was the center of the story, which was fine, but I would have really liked more page time with these two. Just a personal preference.

While Liam is trying to get back to the Council with Marin, we find all is not what it seems to be. Evil plans and nasty plots are being set into motion. I loved how the author included little bits of backstory, helpful to move the story along without it being information overload for the reader. Just the facts, ma’am.

Overall, this was a wonderful read and I will be anxiously awaiting the next book. Anyone who likes their stories with a little romance coupled with exciting plot and twists and nonstop action, this one’s for you.

Highly recommended.

You can buy The Keeper here:


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