Reviewed by Traci

And Here We Grow Again!

I’m just chuffed to bits to introduce the newest member of our review team to you today and hope you’ll take a moment to welcome Traci to The Novel Approach. I’m anxious to put her to work (it looks like the historical romances are still mine, all mine!), so let’s get the formalities underway, and be sure to watch for her first review.

Welcome, Traci!

About Traci: I’m 44 yrs old and the mother of 2 boys, ages 13 and 16. I have been married for 22 years, was born and raised in Tennessee, and now live in the Woodlands, TX (close to Houston). I have an undergraduate degree from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, in secondary education, a major in History/minor in Business. I went back to school in the early 90s to get my Masters of Science in Nursing, have been a Nurse Practitioner for over 18 yrs, and now I work for medical book publishing company, Reed/Elsevier. My job consists of writing and editing Nursing text books, case studies, questions and Nursing reviews for NCLEX (boards for Nursing).

I have not read in years. I started with The Hunger Games after the first movie, then moved on to 50 Shades of Grey and got hooked. I began with Bella Andre, Jaci Burton, and all of JD Robb books. Now I have read some crazy amount of books (over 1000, not including audio) in the past 2 yrs. The first M/M book I read was Damon Suede’s Hot Head and then got hooked on Mary Calmes, Cardeno C., S.J. Frost, SE Jakes, and the rest is history. I love most genres except for historical (but I probably have just not found the right one yet). I am very excited to join the team.


8 thoughts on “And Here We Grow Again!

  1. Welcome, Traci. You’ve found a home here at TNA. And a good one. Wonderful that you went back to school. I taught in community colleges for years and know what it takes to do that. Looking forward to your reviews and posts. All the best,



  2. Jay R> says:

    Congrats Traci. Lisa is a great person and I’m sure you’ll enjoy working with her. I’ll be looking for your future posts. Best of luck in your reviews.


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