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Anais Morgan Brings You “Bite of the Recluse” And A Giveaway

The thing about co-writing is there isn’t a wrong or right way to do it. It just is. For Azalea Moone and myself, we decided that each of us was going to write in one of the main character’s point of view (POV). I got Tristan and she took Damon. I think it was my idea to write about a demon hunter, because, well, I love the idea of demons. Azalea was on board and came up with the cool idea of a recluse spider.

Many writers like to plot. Heck, I usually have an idea of where the story is headed, but we thought that just feeding off what the other wrote was best. I think it gave the story much more suspense, as well as more plot twists.

I’d write my chapter then send it to Azalea. When she told me she was sending hers, I sat on my hands like a kid on Christmas. For a writer there is nothing more exciting than what your co-author is writing about. I get to experience that story, not only from a writer’s standpoint, but from a reader. It made me want to best her. In a weird way, this book was a bit of strengths and weaknesses.

I usually write m/f, and Azalea has always written m/m. But my books have more violence and action. So she got to write the sexy times, while I wrote the killings. Is it bad that I enjoy writing about someone’s head getting lopped off?

Working with Azalea was my first experience with a co-writer, and I loved it. We’re now writing a short story, like a fun romp that hopefully our publisher will pick up, about Tristan and Damon and where their relationship is headed.

We hope the world enjoys Bite of the Recluse as much as we do.

-Anais Morgan

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THE GIVEAWAY: An E-copy of For the Long Haul by Azalea Moone, an E-copy of Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now by Anais Morgan, a Gothic style spider web bracelet/ring set.

Blurb: Two years ago while Tristan and his boyfriend were enjoying some privacy, a recluse demon attacked them and his lover paid the ultimate price. Since that day, Tristan has dedicated himself to finding the demon. After all, an eye for an eye. All evidence points to a recluse named Damon.

Like all spider demons Damon knows about Tristan’s mission and is forced to stay on the move. But fate has a wicked sense of humor and they must team up to fight the real killer. But when she’s closer than Tristan expected, his and Damon’s relationship is tested before it can begin.

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4 thoughts on “Anais Morgan Brings You “Bite of the Recluse” And A Giveaway

  1. Renee says:

    I am not fond of spiders, but my favorite comic book character is Spiderman and so I named my dog Spider in his honor. Sounds like an interesting book. Please count me in the giveaway. Thanks.


  2. Very interesting story concept. I’m also a huge fan of demon books. I love that while they might be goods guys they will always have a dangerous side to them. It’s awesome that you co write so well. I can barely work with others, lol.


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