4 Stars, Reviewed by Sammy, Sean Michael, Torquere Press

Sean Michael’s “Yes, Master” Explores Submission From The Simple To The Intense! – Reviewed by Sammy

“Submission is not about authority and it is not obedience; it is all about relationships of love and respect.”- Wm. Paul Young

Title: Yes, Master

Author: Sean Michael

Publisher: Torquere Press

Pages/Word Count: 80 pages

Rating: 4 Stars

Blurb: From first timers to hard core lovers, this collection of five BDSM themed short stories by Sean Michael has something for everyone who loves hot m/m action and a great love story.

Stories include: Playing for Keeps, The Twelve Kinks of Christmas, Payday, Following My Heart and Finding Kasey.


Review: Sean Michael is, for many, a go to author when wanting a good BDSM story. This author runs the gamut from hardcore to light, and more cerebral forms of kink. While none of the five-showcased stories in this collection veer into what I consider hardcore, there are definitely some intense moments in one or two. Because each of these is very short in nature, I am not going to recap each story, for to do so would be to give away too many plot points. Rather, I thought I might choose my favorite short and focus on that, then end with a few comments on the overall collection.

Following My Heart had to be, by far, my top pick. Two former lovers, Scotty, the submissive and Jimmy, the dominant, reunite almost tentatively, and we quickly are made to realize why. Scotty had run away nearly nine months before, frightened by the depth of submission that Jimmy was asking of him. This was not to be a simple D/s relationship but rather more on the line of Master/slave, something which had left Scotty overwhelmed and frightened. However, the months apart had been kind to neither man and we are quickly made to realize that while Jimmy missed Scotty terribly, he would not take him back on any less than his terms—total submission.

Told in alternating points of view, I found myself fascinated by hearing the thoughts of both the dom and the sub. For the first time, I felt a real connection to the characters, as I was able to explore their feelings for each other via their internal dialogue. I particularly enjoyed how each man was totally in awe of the fact that the other still wanted him, and the lengths each was willing to go to ensure that this time the partnership stuck. Through some clever and fine writing by author Sean Michael, I was able to get right inside Scotty’s head and feel the nervous tension coiled within. Interestingly, I found that the type of opposing viewpoints really enabled me to key into each character and their needs and desires. This story was intense because of the thoughts and feelings that were revealed by each man. I thoroughly enjoyed this type of mental domination coupled with the physical.

Overall, this collection had some nice stories along with a few misses for me. I felt that some, like The Twelve Kinks of Christmas, were just a tad rushed and lacked enough story to be as interesting as Finding Kasey or the one recapped above, Following My Heart. But, for those wanting a bit of BDSM without the hardcore physical side, this collection, Yes, Master will be one you may very well enjoy!

You can buy Yes, Master here:


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