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Kingett reads Basketball Jones chapter 17

In chapter 17 of Basketball Jones the threats become a lot more lethal and just downright insane, and I have no one in the world to aid me through this crisis! All logical thinking has flown out the window! Intrigued? It’s time for Kingett to read Basketball Jones.

I still can’t function. Why? Because this is getting way out of hand, and I have no logical idea of who the person is anymore. I do know that he, and/or she, knows AJ and Dray both, but I don’t know who knows the two of them. All of the characters that I have met seem as though they know one or the other. I don’t know what to think anymore because all of the clues I have that point to people on an individual basis, and I wouldn’t even know where to begin deducing partnerships and the like.

In this chapter, AJ breaks down and calls his mother because he really wishes to come home. It’s about time! AJ needs to just go ahead and get away from all of this for a while! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

On a side note, I am noticing that these chapters don’t have anything new in them to talk about. A lot of drama that has happend in the past happens again in this chapter, but this time it’s gone past bizarre and has gone into the void of dangerously creepy.

As AJ is on the phone with his mother, the blackmailer calls again, and this time the threat is different. He’s still asking for money because if he doesn’t, then he will tell everybody the secrets the two boys have been hiding, including AJ’s from when he was 15. What happened when he was 15? What did he do? I’m anxious to find out. I wonder if AJ broke someone’s heart, or even worse, took advantage of someone. I just don’t know! I have no more puzzle pieces at all, to even attempt to give it shape. I am totally lost on this wild ride.

There’s a new dynamic to this game, however. The blackmailer made a video of the two, Dray and AJ, having sex at the Ritz. AJ denies this, choosing to be very tough in this situation, bluffing, saying that he doesn’t have shit.

“I didn’t say you did it knowingly. I just said there was one made. If you weren’t so quick to get off this phone and if you listen, then you might learn something. The skin-tight black underwear you had on was quite cute and your boyfriend is really blessed down there. I bet you love that.”

He was right. I was partial to black underwear because Dray liked the way it looked against my skin. Flipped out by how this asshole would know this, I yelled, “Shut the fuck up. You don’t know shit about me.”

As it turns out, though, he knows a lot about AJ, and I don’t know how to even form pieces to this puzzle anymore. I am so unprepared.

“Who is this?” I screamed, finally losing my cool. Nobody and I mean no one knew about Eddie Wilson, especially not my mother. Shit, where was Dray when I needed him? What was this maniac talking about? Had I worn black underwear? I

I couldn’t concentrate. This person had to be bluffing. My mind raced over the faces of people I’d met since I moved to New Orleans and the people I’d come into contact with at the hotel in D.C. There was the friendly bellman that seemed to linger in the suite as he helped me with my bags. The room service attendant and the maintenance man both had been in my room. Did one of them have a hand in this?

I am really intrigued to know who’s doing what, and why? I’m sure more than one person is behind this because keeping track of the pair of them would be extremely difficult, given how they go ahead and do their own thing a lot. Someone would need to watch them and report what they were doing. I’m certain that this is a huge job, but I’m just wondering who the target really is now, Dray or AJ. It seems as though AJ is the bigger target, but I am not sure why, unless this is all Cisco doing this just because AJ would not have sex with him. Still, though, this is maddening and I can’t even begin to comprehend what will happen next! Surely one of them would slip up eventually. I wonder how AJ will solve this. Let’s keep reading and find out!


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