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Luki Vasquez and Sonny James Get Up To Something A Little Naughty On The “Because of Jade” Blog Tour – And There’s A Giveaway

Hello! Lou Sylvre here, very happy to be back once more with Lisa and company from The Novel Approach. Luki, Sonny, Jade, and I are here at the Vasquez-James home in the (for once) sunny Olympic Peninsula as part of my Blog Tour for the release of Because of Jade, a Vasquez and James Novel. Thank you, Lisa and Jules for joining us and letting me tell some of the boys’ secrets on your blog!

My theme for this tour has been, The Further Adventures of the Vasquez-James Family. On Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews, I told the story about the time Luki threw away Jade’s favorite My Little Pony and had to dig through—

Luki interrupts. “Must you, Lou? That is a little embarrassing for me, you know, and you’ve already told half the UK and several other parts of the world.”

Despite Luki’s cold glare, Sonny and Jade both laugh, and this emboldens my otherwise cowardly heart and I finish my sentence a little louder. “Dig through the trash at a hamburger stand!”

Luki glares more, Sonny laughs more, and Jade squeezes into the chair next to Luki and holds his hand, which seems to calm him down a bit. Jade whispers (loud enough to hear across the border in Canada), “Uncle Luki, when will Gramma Margie be here?”

Luki says, “Any minute now, shorty. You got your jacket and everything ready?”

“I don’t want a jacket. ’Cause look, silly, there’s the sun! It’s warm outside!”

“Yeah, but listen, sillier, you’re not coming home until nighttime, and it might be cold by then.” Jade is looking at Luki as if wondering whether she could get away with saying no. Luki’s not slow about this at all. “So,” he says. “If you don’t take a jacket you can’t go.”

Cute  little girl with braided pig tails and arms crossed with fJade quickly crosses her arms and looks away, but doesn’t argue. And you know what? It’s a good thing this girl has a couple of smart uncles. Sonny seems to know just how to avoid the coming impasse. “Jade,” he says. “Did you remember Flowerbelle”—that’s her favorite My Little Pony—“and Baby Pony?”

“Yes!” Jade’s response is emphatic, as though she’s surprised Sonny would ask such a question.

“Well, what about their blankets? Did you bring those?” Jade is suddenly crestfallen, but that’s apparently perfect for Uncle Sonny’s plan. “Don’t worry! If you didn’t you can just keep them warm in your jacket pockets!”

I hear a car on the gravel drive, and in walks Margie, of Cup O’ Gold Café fame, and Jade bounces off to get her “packpack,” ponies, and jacket.

After a few minutes of greetings, introductions, and small talk, Margie and Jade are ready to go. Jade hugs Sonny and kisses his chin—I’m not sure that’s where she was really aiming but that’s where it landed. She gives me a quick hug, too, which pleasantly surprises me.

“I’ll miss you, Jade,” I say.

“No you won’t, silly,” she says. “I live in your head.”

I must concede she has a point.

She finishes her rounds, saving Luki for last, and when she does hug him, he flips her over his shoulder, brings her around under his arm, and sets her back on her feet. She kisses him and laughs all the way out the door.

All the remaining adults are smiling, including Lisa and Jules. Clearly, Jade has charmed them. But then everybody looks at me, and I remember that I was in the middle of explaining our get-together to The Novel Approach’s reading public.

cup of coffee, cookies and flowers on table in cafeI begin to speak just as Luki remembers he’s hosting and gets up to fetch the coffeepot and a plate of Luki-Jade-crafted macadamia nut cookies. He offers these around to everybody, leaving me until last, and when he does offer them, he passes the cookie plate past me so fast, I’m left in mid-reach without a cookie.

Sonny puts his hand on his hip and arches his eyebrows at Luki.

Luki turns back around. “Oh, Ms. Sylvre,” he says, all innocent. “Would you like a cookie?”

“Oh, yes, thank you,” I say, smiling brightly at him.

“You’re welcome,” he says, but he makes sure I see his well-practiced-by-now eye roll. As he turns away he mumbles under his breath, “Sort of.”

Sonny shakes his head. “So, Lou, you were saying.”

“Yes. About the blog posts. I also posted another little episode at Rhys Ford’s blog about the time the Vasquez-James family went to Suquamish to watch the tribes’ cedar canoes come in.

Luki sighs heavily.

I get the hint. “What is it this time, Luki?”

“Well, you know, Sonny’s feelings—don’t you think he deserves a little privacy?”

“Luki,” Sonny speaks up, and I can tell he’s exasperated but trying to be gentle and understanding toward his overly sensitive husband. “Look. Lou’s just doing her job. We’re the ones who decided to become fictional characters. Lou putting us in tough situations, and embarrassing ones, and super-sexy ones, and then telling everybody—that’s just how it works.”

“And speaking of sexy ones,” I say. “Since Jade isn’t here this time, I was just going to tell the story about the time in September when Sonny kidnapped you, Luki.”

“No way! I have friends in places that can get you put away for life, lady!”

Sonny says, “Honey, please. You’re being very rude. It’s a little embarrassing for me! Lou and her friends are guests in our home!”

To his credit, Luki looks contrite. He says, “Okay, Lou, I’m sorry. But really, I don’t want you to tell the people about that. You… you think you know how I felt. You think it was all funny. But, it wasn’t. You can’t really know. I might be you, but you’re not me.”

I’m struck dumb, never having thought of the author-character relationship in those terms.

But Sonny, practical and quick as always, comes up with a solution. “Then you tell the story, Luki.


It happened one day in September, about a week after Jade started school. It was beautiful that day—the weather, I mean. Weird, but I’ve noticed around here that the last little bite of summer is usually delicious, kind of warm and soft, and the light in the morning is like… butter. Creamy and smooth, just a touch of yellow.

I know what you’re thinking—when did Luki Vasquez start thinking about light that way. Since I’ve lived ten years with Sonny—that’s when. He’s taught me so much about how to see the world, find the things in it that are exceptionally beautiful. That’s what he promised me when we got married, you know. Still, I’ve never found anything more beautiful than him, though Jade comes in equal in a whole different way.

Anyway, that day, I think it was the first time I realized that Jade going to school meant that if Sonny and me worked our schedules right, we’d have a whole lot more time together to… do private things. Yeah, I hear you chuckling Ms. Sylvre. Okay, to make love. Fuck, too. So I was feeling… playful! And also horny. Getting a little hard thinking about making Sonny scream when we got home.

I started playing around in the van while he was driving—no don’t look like that! I’ve done it before, and he always maintains control of the vehicle. I wasn’t putting us in danger! But he was whining about it like he usually does, which he doesn’t know makes me want to laugh because he’s adorable. Yes, adorable. And I guess, judging from the look on his face, he knows now, and I’ve embarrassed him. That’s okay, though, baby, you just sit tight, because you know I’m going to be far more embarrassed than you by the time I’m done.

So I reached over and ran my hand up his thigh, stopped just as I barely touched his balls. Have I ever mentioned how much I like Sonny’s balls? Oh! Look, Jules is blushing! Sorry Jules, but Lou and Sonny want the tale told, and a little commentary on my preferences is bound to creep in. Looks like Lisa’s not embarrassed at all, though. Hm.

So yeah, his balls, so… I don’t know, sweet! Sac just loose enough to let me roll the contents around in my fingers—or my mouth, sometimes, but I wasn’t doing that then, of course. So they start to tighten up nicely, and he’s kind of halfheartedly complaining. Just as I moved my hand up to squeeze his absolutely fabulous cock, which was about half hard by then, he slaps my hand, and says, “Luki! I’m driving for God’s sake.”

He was driving, but if he hadn’t been, his hand would have been on his hip. I could tell by his voice. It was so freakin’ sweet.

So I laughed, but I did stop.

He said, “Not funny!” That time it was Sonny’s both-hands-on-hips voice.

I tried to stop laughing, and eventually I managed, but then I reached my hand up his shirt sleeve and over to his nipple, pinched it good and then just started tweaking it over and over again.

“Luki, please,” Sonny said. His voice was pretty whiny, but… well, you probably know this, but I love it when he says that. Usually he’s begging me not to stop, and I like to tease him when he’s all hot like that.

This time he was begging me to stop. I knew that, but he didn’t say it and I teased him anyway. I licked my fingers, once on each hand, then tweaked his nipple with one hand and mine with the other. All the meanwhile I can see his dick getting harder, straining against his jeans, and my own cock is right with the program. So I dropped my hands down to our pants and rubbed them up and down.

That’s when I realized that… Well, you already know when Sonny’s hard his erection is just gorgeous—long and just thick enough. (Sonny, just relax, baby. I know you’re embarrassed, but remember this was your idea.) So I’m feeling this with my hand, and all of a sudden I realize that the head is poking out the top of his jeans! This is the sexiest thought I’ve ever had, and I couldn’t help myself.

I grabbed his T-shirt and pulled it up, and there it was—oh my God. Hard like stone, beautiful, slit leaking liquid diamonds, just waiting for my tongue. So I leaned over toward him… I heard him saying, “Luki! Luki!” But he didn’t actually tell me to stop—you know how I am. If Sonny said stop, I would have done it—at least long enough to ask him if he meant it.

So I continued to lean more until I got right there, and he smelled like sex in a can, and I… I couldn’t help it. I stuck out my tongue and just dragged it right across the top.

logging road Second-Growth-on-POWThe next thing I know, the brakes are squealing and the van’s doing a ninety, and I’m thrown back up against my door, and then we’re off the pavement and heading down a very bumpy dirt logging road through a forest of second growth fir. A tree farm. I get a look at Sonny’s face, and he doesn’t look mad—that’s a relief—but he looks more intent, more determined than I’ve ever seen.

“What are you doing?” I said, and yeah, I admit it, my voice squeaked.

“I’m tired of you teasing me, Luki. You’re going to deliver, right now.”

He stopped the van—more smoothly than I would have thought possible—in a little clearing under some hardwoods—alder, lots of vine maple, a wild cherry—I know these things because Sonny taught me. Before I could really take it in, Sonny got out of the van, stopped at the back to pull out the emergency blanket, and came around to my door.

He pulls it open so quickly I nearly fall over and he catches me, for God’s sake. I’m thinking, wait a minute—I’m the badass here, but all I said was, again, “What are you doing?”

Outdoor portrait of a shirtless good looking fit male modelHe got right up in my face. “Luki,” he said. “You remember that time in Hawaii, you mentioned that every once in a while I manage to turn the tables?”

“Uh, yes,” I say. Stupidly.

“Well, I’m turning them now.”

He stripped my shirt back, bit my nipple, got my pants and briefs shoved down past my knees, and pretty much pushed me over onto the blanket on the ground! Next, he kicked off his flip-flops, and stripped bare-assed and came at me, that big delicious cock of his bobbing and leaking like crazy and pointing right at me.

“Roll,” he said, and by the saints I did!

He had lube—I can never figure out why he always has lube, but thank all that’s good holy, he does—and he worked me with his fingers for about, oh, maybe five seconds. Then his cock was in me all at once, and I swear to heaven I haven’t been fucked like that since—ever! He was hitting the right spot every time, none too gently, and I’d just settled down and begun to look forward to a nuclear orgasm, when he slides out, pushes me to my back, turns his back to me and lowers himself right down.

On me. Yes, and his fingers in me. And me with my pants all bunched around my ankles and my freaking shoes on, and his perfect ass bobbing up and down over my cock. Well, hell, I…


Sonny stands up, crosses over to Luki, grabs his hand and pulls him up out of the chair. “You ladies will have to leave now,” he says. “Me and Luki have business.”


Thanks for coming along with Jules, Lisa, and me to visit the Misters Vasquez and James, and for sticking around through Luki’s revelations. As a reward, I’ll tell you about my rafflecopter this week, which ends tomorrow. Here’s THE LINK

Two prizes and lots of ways to enter. First prize, Because of Jade ebook and an exclusive ebook compilation of all my Vasquez and James blogs over the last few years: character interviews, mini-fictions, Gay Romance University, whatever.

Second prize is the blog post ebook plus any previously published Vasquez and James ebook. A comment on this blog post—about anything—qualifies you for the blog-comment entry option (Deadline to enter is Midnight Pacific Time on Thursday, June 5, 2014. Drawing will be conducted on Friday, the 6th, and the winner notified via email). Hope you’ll play, and read, and enjoy.

Thanks everyone!



44 thoughts on “Luki Vasquez and Sonny James Get Up To Something A Little Naughty On The “Because of Jade” Blog Tour – And There’s A Giveaway

  1. Sula says:

    I so want to read this series and I am really grateful that there might be a chance to with this giveaway :-) I have loved reading the different (very hot) dynamics in their relationship through these blogs excerpts/interviews/recollections.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Bill says:

    Because of Jade has been on my wishlist since I first stumbled across a review on a different site. I’d love to get a free copy. Thanks for including me.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Jen CW says:

    Everything I see about this book makes me want it more. I’m about to go on a reading frenzy to read all the other books in this series. Thanks for the great giveaway!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey, Trix! Yeah, I was hoping my “I never thought of it that way” would help. And to be honest, until I typed the words, I never had! Thanks for coming by and commenting.


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  5. nordicgirl_2013 says:

    I love those guys, and thank you Lou for persuading them to let you be their translator again.

    Oh, and I loved Because of Jade.

    Hanne ☺


  6. This sounds like an amazing book and I haven’t read it yet so thank you for the giveaway! I love to read books that have children in them. They always add so much fun and spunk to the story. My own daughter is three and is a firecracker that keeps me smiling all the time. It sounds like she and Jade have a lot in common, besides their overwhelming fascination of My Little Pony! I’d love a chance to read this story. :D


    • Hi Carly! I’m glad to here you enjoyed Jade. Your daughter sounds like a fun small person, too. My youngest daughter loved My Little Pony back in the early ’90s, and not much has changed in that respect! Thanks for reading the post and taking the time to comment!


  7. fsteph55 says:

    Wow, hot. I have had this on my wishlist. It sounds fantastic.
    It would be awesome to spend time with them all. I would love to see their interactions with each other.


  8. H.B. says:

    Great excerpt, gosh I wish I hadn’t fallen so behind on the series now. I’m going to end up staying up all night just to catch up =)


  9. Andrea M says:

    I’ve read all the other books in this series and would love to win Because of Jade. It’s always fun to visit with Sonny and Luki.


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  11. Many thanks to all of you for stopping by to get a little naughty with Lou and the guys, and for entering the giveaway. The contest is closed, and the winner’s been selected. The blog post book and any previously published Vasques/James book goes to

    Lee Todd

    Congratulations, Lee! Lou’s been contacted, so expect to hear from her soon.


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