5 Stars, Katey Hawthorne, Loose Id, Reviewed by Sammy

In Distress by Katey Hawthorne Offers Up An Incredibly Sweet And Hilarious Story

“A single change can sometimes change your entire life” – Rahul Rampal

Title: In Distress (Superpowered Love–Missed Connections)

Author: Katey Hawthorne

Publisher: Loose Id

Pages/Word Count: 98 Pages

Rating: 5 Stars

Blurb: Hopeless romantic Eddie Kim acts out his favorite ‘rescued by the white knight’ fantasies through weekly D&D campaigns, but had almost given up hope of ever getting a real one.

Then Callum, a mysterious red-head with freezing superpowers and a memorable kiss, saves him from a burning house but disappears without a trace. Taking pity on him, Eddie’s friends look to craiglist to relocate his hero.

Unfortunately, the publicity brings down the kind of attention Callum Race been trying to avoid; he’s in town to try and clear his family name, and now the dangerous superpowered organization he needs to thwart know he’s come home again. Still, he can’t help following up with Eddie.

The heat between Callum and Eddie flares instantly, and Eddie insists on helping to undo the damage his romantic notions have done. The problem: that will mean becoming embroiled in a nefarious plot, not to mention a superpowered world Eddie didn’t even know existed a week ago. The ‘bad guys’ will try to trick and use him, and in the meantime he has to convince Cal to trust him enough to be the white knight for once–and for real–instead of the perpetual damsel in distress.


Review: Perhaps it is because I am a closeted Dungeon and Dragons player from way back in the day, or maybe it is because I absolutely adore shy redheads, but whatever the reason, In Distress by Katey Hawthorne now stands as my favorite in this series.

The mix of Eddie–gender fluid, feisty and fall down funny–with the shy and noble Callum, was pure genius in my book. After Callum rescues Eddie from a fire, Eddie cannot forget his knight in zippered hoodie! The two come back together when outside forces threaten to harm both Eddie and Callum, and force Callum back into hiding again. From beginning to end, these two worked so well together. Snarky Eddie and shy Callum are the hottest couple to grace this series yet, and perhaps the sweetest as well.

This short novella just rocked off the page, its action was fast paced, its dialogue funny and sharp, and its love scenes some of the hottest I have ever read. However, what worked best in this sweet little story was the way in which Katey Hawthorne was able to flesh out her characters and create three-dimensional lives for them in so very few pages of storyline. This was a complete novel wrapped up in a novella-sized package. I so thoroughly enjoyed this one–by far and away my absolute favorite.

On Monday, I will be wrapping up this series with the last installment, Re-Entry Burn. This has been such a wonderful series—I cannot wait to read the final novel.

You can buy In Distress here:


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