4 Stars, Dreamspinner Press, EM Lynley, Reviewed by Tina

Things Get Complicated In EM Lynley’s “Bound for Trouble”

Title: Bound for Trouble

Author: EM Lynley

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Pages/Word Count: 260 Pages

Rating: 4 Stars

Blurb: Daniel “Deke” Kane is a broken man, facing the end of his career in the FBI. He’s on desk duty after a botched drug raid left the suspects and two children dead. He’s got one chance to prove himself, or the only thing he’ll be investigating is the Help Wanted ads.

Ryan Griffiths has been on the run for ten years. Forced onto the streets when his father kicked him out, Ryan earns his living in other men’s beds. Finding his john dead in a hotel room drives him under the radar until a favorite client gives him a chance at a safe, clean life. But Ryan’s relatively stable new world shatters when Deke Kane catches up with him.

When Deke’s tasked to take down a drug dealer with terrorist ties and a taste for the dark side of BDSM, his only chance to get close is the suspect’s interest in Ryan, and he convinces Ryan to become a confidential informant. In return, Deke offers Ryan immunity from his past. As Ryan falls under the drug lord’s domination, Deke finds himself falling for Ryan.

Now Deke has to choose between Ryan’s safety and his own future.


Review: Bound for Trouble contains all the ingredients I love in a great book: a broken hero searching for redemption, a young man trying to escape the unfortunate circumstances of his past, undercover informants, hot sex, BDSM, action, a twist, then another twist, and romance.

Daniel “Deke” Kane’s life is pretty much destroyed. He made a bad call at a drug raid, and two kids died because of it. He has been haunted night and day by memories of that night. Once he is finally cleared to return to work for the FBI, he is confined to a desk job in Cyber Crimes, his boyfriend has moved out, he is lonely, doubting his own abilities as an agent. He is just a mess.

After years of supporting himself in various ways, all involving using his body, Ryan has finally been presented with an offer to free himself from the world of a sex worker. A customer at the strip club where he performed has made him an offer that is too good to be true. You know what they say about offers like those. Gregory has hired Ryan and his roommate Gina to work at an organic grocery store he owns and chance to go back to college. All Ryan has to do is be willing to give up life as a stripper. Ryan is deliriously happy for the opportunity and quickly agrees. Ironically, when he tries to do the right thing, he ends up being forced back to the world he wanted to escape.

When Deke finds some financial irregularities involving suspected drug dealer and weapons broker Maksim Petrov, the FBI decides to try and insert a confidential informant into his organization to get more information. Deke is offered a chance to work the case, while being closely supervised, and he gratefully accepts it. In his mind this is his last chance to redeem himself and save his career.

Deke and Ryan are brought together when Deke is assigned to supervise Ryan while he works under cover at a gay BDSM club frequented by Petrov. Deke has a bad feeling about the club, Dungeon 69. He is uncomfortable but also drawn to the sexy Ryan and to the BDSM he sees surrounding him at the club. Deke must learn to trust his instincts again or risk losing Ryan and his job. In the past, Deke’s instincts haven’t always synched with FBI policy or the orders of his superiors.

Ryan is able to catch Petrov’s eye and signs a contract to begin his sub training with the suspect. The dynamic between both Ryan and Deke and Ryan and Petrov is captivating. Ryan knows he is falling in love with Deke, but is also drawn into Petrov’s domination. While having to spend time at the club to watch over Ryan, Deke discovers he may be bent toward Domination himself. He is also falling in love with Ryan. Petrov is an enigma. Everything we think we know about him may or may not be true.

My problem with the story is that for most of the book, Ryan is with someone else. It’s all part of the investigation, but Deke has to watch Ryan get spanked by another man. And he sees Ryan liking and desiring it. Ryan is confused about his feelings because he has never thought of himself as a submissive person. It was hell to read about him being with Petrov. My heart hurt for Deke to have to see and hear everything they did together.

Bound For Trouble is fast paced, well written, riveting. The roller coaster ride of emotions the reader takes is one you will want to ride again. The characters are well-rounded and intensely written, the plot is intricately woven and has twists you won’t see coming. EM Lynley wrote this in a way that makes the reader feel the excitement and action. And the sex! There was something for everyone, from a timid first-time spanking to a full on single tail scene. The sex was really hot. But it wasn’t only about the sex or the BDSM. Bound For Trouble is the complete package, with ingredients for everyone: mystery/thriller/romance/BDSM/action lovers alike will all enjoy this book.

You can buy Bound for Trouble here:


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