5 Stars, BDSM/Kink/Erotica, Benji Bright, GoDeeperPress, Reviewed by BJ

Benji Bright’s “Boy Stories: 15 Quick and Dirty Gay Tales” Is Flash Fiction At Its Finest

Title: Boy Stories: 15 Quick and Dirty Gay Tales

Author: Benji Bright

Publisher: Go Deeper Press

Pages/Word Count: 33 Pages

Rating: 5 Stars

Blurb: Find your new favorite fantasy in Boy Stories: 15 Quick and Dirty Gay Tales. The flash fiction in this collection is what you’d expect from erotic writer Benji Bright (Candid and The Flavor Triptych)—sexy, ardent, and graphic. Some stories feature characters that are open and warm, while others cast a different, darker light on the lives of queer men. Whether they’re bartalk buddies, sex cult members, best bros, or futuristic rebels, there are guys in Boy Stories who will win your heart and turn you on. Sure, your time with them is short, but there’s good news here: there’s another waiting for you just a page away.


Review: In a collection of short stories released by GoDeeper Press, Benji Bright has managed to accomplish something impossible; leaving me speechless. If I could describe this collection in one word, that word would be “awesome”. I am not familiar with any of this authors other work, but let me tell you, after reading Boy Stories, I am addicted.

Now I can’t think how to present this as a review, so I’m going with short and sweet. Where I would normally analyze themes, characters, plot progression and completion of story, here, with this book, I can do not one of those things. Here we have a collection of 15 stories, compacted into 33 pages. I laughed when I realized this. I mean who can tell 15 stories in 33 pages? Well, apparently, Bright can. And what stories they were.

Unconcerned with context, rules or progression, what we have here is snapshots that could have been taken from any book out there, written in a voice so powerful you are gripped from the onset. Though these seemed like partial tales, what you actually get is everything you could possibly need to answer all questions arising and, like a pro, Bright allows the imagination to fill in the rest.

Benji Bright writes like an artist. Each of these 15 stories are less like words, but photographs taken at poignant moments. They have all the craft of the greatest artworks around, conveying every message needed to invoke a reaction from the audience. There is no stale build-up or saccharine come-downs. It is what it is. And what it is, is powerful.

I’m probably not making much sense with this one. God knows, it’s damn near impossible to explain. But Bright has written a book I think everyone should read. If you’re pressed for time and need a quick, satisfactory read that can be started and finished in the blink of an eye, then look no further, as Benji Bright is the master of the shortest story possible. This was a great pleasure to read, and with that I am awarding him 5 stars. A great collection from a fantastic author that is not to be missed.

You can buy Boy Stories: 15 Quick and Dirty Gay Tales here:


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