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Why Mountain Climbing? A Guest Post And Giveaway From T.A. Chase And Totally Bound

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To celebrate the release of Mountains to Climb as part of the new What’s his Passion? imprint, Totally Bound are giving you the chance to win some fabulous prizes!

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Thank you for having here on your blog. I’m T.A. Chase and I’m here to chat about my upcoming book, Mountains to Climb, which is one of the six launch books for Totally Bound’s new imprint, What His Passion?

When I was asked if I’d be interested in writing a story for the imprint, of course I said yes. Then when they explained that one of the characters had to have something he was passionate about. It didn’t really matter what, just that it—or a person or whatever—had to be something he loved.

I had just read and watched a show on mountain climbing, specifically about Sir George Mallory, who might have been the first person—along with his climbing partner—to summit Mount Everest in 1924. But unfortunately, they didn’t return from their climb, so no one can say for sure they really had reached the summit. Sir Edmund Hillary and his Sherpa partner were the first to summit and return in 1953 and it is accepted that they truly were the first to do it.

I had been fascinated by the obsessive nature of men and women who climb mountains. They have a driving need to reach the summit of some of the most dangerous mountains in the world: Everest, K2, Denali, Mount Fuji. There are several more peaks out there that people climb every year.

Then the ‘what if’ part of the story process kicked in. What if one of my characters had become obsessed with climbing? What if he used it as a way to overcome other addictions in his life? And by summiting all these different peaks, he finally began to overcome his own demons and personal ‘mountains’.

Jensen is that character. He leaves behind a high-powered job as a stockbroker in New York to travel the world climbing nature’s most difficult objects. Yet he realizes after doing so, that he left the one person in the world he loved behind. So he returns, hoping to get Toby to take him back.

Would you consider climbing mountains? I have to admit as intriguing as I find it, I probably would never actually do it myself. Mostly because I’m not fond of heights and falling, but I’m sure it could be quite exhilarating to summit one of the tallest mountains in the world, knowing you’ve joined a very elite group of people who have done the same.

You’ll have to read the story to see if Jensen manages to overcome his obstacles.

Again thank you for having me.

You can read more about Mountains to Climb HERE


mountainstoclimb_800Blurb: Sometimes the past can be the biggest mountain to climb.
Toby Schwartzel has never forgotten Jensen Brockhoff, the man he loved and the one who disappeared six years ago. He thinks he’s moved on, but when Jensen appears again and wants to explain what happened, Toby realises he hasn’t gotten over Jensen. He’d only built up walls to keep from being hurt again.

Jensen Brockhoff left New York City and Toby Schwartzel for several reasons. All of them had to do with drugs and alcohol. He’s clean now and the only thing he’s addicted to is mountain climbing. His passion for the sport has got him through the last six years. But after a particularly harrowing fall on Denali, Jensen knows he has to go back to tell Toby the truth.

Will Toby and Jensen discover they’d never moved past the love they had for each other all those years ago? Or are the mountains between them too high to climb?

You can buy Mountains to Climb HERE


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