3.5 Stars, Anthology, Kiernan Kelly, Paranormal Romance, Reviewed by Lana, Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Urban Fantasy, Torquere Press

A Trio Of Fantasies Rounds Out Kiernan Kelly’s “The Fantasy Collection”

Title: The Fantasy Collection

Author: Kiernan Kelly

Publisher: Torquere Press

Pages/Word Count: 73 Pages

Rating: 3.5 Stars

Blurb: This collection features three tales of fantastical lives and impossible love. Suspend your belief, and dive into a trio of stories filled with incredible circumstances, and magical influences. In Mr. Fix-It, a frustrated consumer finds himself the owner of a futuristic android who comes equipped a secret BDSM function. A young man whose life is continually complicated by the presence of the ghosts of three stubborn-if-well-meaning music legends, finds old time rock and roll to be just the thing he needs to find love. Finally, a sheriff in a town on the outskirts of Hell finds love despite his constant battle with evil’s minions.

Previously published as Sips through Torquere Press.


Review: Kiernan Kelly’s The Fantasy Collection is a collection of three fantasy stories that are not your typical fare. They were not what I was expecting and to be honest, not something that hit the spot for me. They were not bad, nor were they badly written, I just couldn’t get into the subject matter, and the plots just didn’t work for me even though I do like fantasy.

Mr. Fix-it is a story about a tech guy who, by accident, gets a sex robot instead of a cleaning bot. He decides to “fix” the bot and instead gets more than he bargains for. The premise was cute, a man and his robot. But it could also be a man and his huge vibrator, which for me is what it became. The characters were not developed at all, and I couldn’t have cared less about them. Yes, it’s a short story, but I’ve read a ton of stories where I was hooked from the first paragraph.

Rock’n Roll 4 Ever and Helltown rounded out the bunch. “Rock n Roll” was about a musician with a classic car and a group of famous dead rock stars as his sort of guardian angels. The ghosts watch over him and scheme to fix him up with a guy so he doesn’t sell their beloved car. Again, an interesting idea but it just wasn’t executed to its fullest. Out of the three, I liked this one the best. It was cute, but in a read it and forget it sort of way.

Helltown was about a dead sheriff caught in limbo between heaven and hell. He is there to protect other souls in the same predicament. His ex-love shows up to rekindle their relationship. The characters are all from the old west, and I found their speech annoying. I am not a big fan of period romances, which put me off to start, and I could not get into the story. I like reading stories with supernatural elements, but this one didn’t grab me at all.

Kiernan Kelly’s The Fantasy Collection is a slice of different that wasn’t for me but might be for you.

You can buy The Fantasy Collection here:


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