4.5 Stars, BDSM/Kink/Erotica, Erotica, Kol Anderson, Reviewed by Sammy, Self-Published

Kol Anderson Redefines Brotherly Love In “The Crying Game”

“I am afraid of him now. The one I love most in the world.” – Neil Jordan

Title: The Crying Game

Author: Kol Anderson

Publisher: Self-Published

Pages/Word Count: 41 Pages

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Blurb: William Davenport can’t take the weight of the secret in his life any more.

When his brother makes the ultimate sacrifice for their family’s legacy and leaves William in the cold, it may just be time to accept the reality that everyone wants him to accept.


Review: You’ll have to excuse me, I am a bit stunned. How anyone can pack as much as author Kol Anderson did into less than 50 pages is simply beyond me. The Crying Game is a deliciously sinful journey into the darkest aspect of sibling relationships.

William Davenport is the consummate spoiled brat of a duo of wealthy brothers. He wields his corporate power without regard as to how it will impact others and never looks back. His brother, Alexander, on the other hand, is the perfect foil, being compassionate and pragmatic and seemingly the more likeable of the two.

And there is the first of several twists in the remarkable short story, for I found Alexander to be the more wicked of the two, a veritable wolf in sheep’s clothing. In essence, although it appears he has made a decision that is more sacrifice on behalf of continuing the family name, Alex has essentially tried to have his cake and eat it too. His upcoming nuptials nearly destroy his brother, and what happens at the end of this novel left me agog. William is left alone and utterly defeated in the wake of what he views as Alex’s emotional betrayal. Whether he can survive his brother’s absence hangs in the balance.

Two brothers, passion, hot sex, more story packed into a limited number of pages than I have ever encountered before—what is not to like? Kol Anderson gives us a visceral read that captures our imagination from word one. It is a tight, rapidly evolving chapter out of a stunning relationship that left me a bit shell-shocked by the end. As a reviewer, I suppose top praise of a story would be to highly recommend it and encourage you to read it; as a reader, I know the highest form of praise would be for me to admit that I will now happily go off and purchase more of Kol Anderson’s work. Well, then, let me say this, I highly recommend <emThe Crying Game to you. Now, excuse me, I’m off to read more of this stunning author’s work.

You can buy The Crying Game here:


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