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Guest Post and Spotlight: “Blue Skye” by Viki Lyn

blueskye-200Thank you for having me as a guest today! I’m thrilled that Blue Skye is available for .99 cents at all vendor sites through September 3 (thank you Musa Publishing!)

Blue Skye is the first book set in the fictional town of Woodland Village. The town is its own character and weaves the three books together.

The village had to be close to Manhattan by train because Skye Taylor lives in an artist loft in New York City. And, I wanted the town to be a weekend destination for New Yorkers. The Village has a beautiful harbor and is a perfect bay for sailing. Enough tourists visit on the weekends to support art galleries, a local coffeehouse and a gourmet grocery story. This had to be a thriving upscale town that supported my character’s professions and lifestyle.

I am a California girl and I played and suntanned on the beaches of Santa Cruz, Pacific Grove, Carmel, Big Sur…all the wonderful northern California coastal playgrounds. I didn’t want to take a west coast town and convert it to an east coast town. So I did my research.

The Internet is absolutely a wonderful tool for research. I scanned images of towns, visited realtor sites for housing styles and blueprints, Chamber of Commerce sites and studied the flora and fauna of different coastal zones. Slowly, Woodland Village began to take shape in my mind.

With the setting in place, I developed the backstories for my main group of characters. Decided where they lived, where they worked and why they were friends.

The first book, Blue Skye, tells the love story between Skye and Drew.

Skye Taylor, raised in a Cape Cod cottage by hippy parents, leaves for NYC but returns years later when he inherits the cottage. The cottage plays an important role by providing the interaction between Skye and Drew, now a prominent architect who has his practice in town.

Drew’s overbearing and wealthy father raised Drew and his younger brother Ryan. Drew becomes what his father demands of him, while Ryan rebels and walked his own path.

PicMonkey Collage

Book 2, Ryan’s Harbor, tells the love story between Ryan and Martin. Again, a building connects the two. Ryan is relocating his gaming company to a new site and Drew suggests hiring his assistant, Martin, for the job. Martin is a transplant from Santa Barbara and a nomad, not staying in one place for long.

Book 3, John’s Match, tells the love story between John and Scott.John Kramer, with his Ivy League education and high-powered career, leaves his job in New York and returns to Woodland Village because he wants to be near his dying father.

Now the CFO/VP of Ryan’s gaming company, he is asked to befriend Scott, a reclusive fantasy writer, to bring him on board to create a game series using Scott’s characters. Scott has his demons he’s fighting. He left New York and relocated to the Village in hopes to build back his career and his life.

For me, Woodland Village is a very real place on the map. As are the wonderful residents of the town and their HEAs!

Viki Lyn


Author BioAbout the Author: Award winner, Viki Lyn is a successful writer of sexy romance, both gay and straight. Many of her books are All Romance Ebook best sellers. She is a Rainbow Award winner and runner-up in the paranormal category. She likes to try new things, and at times, breaks the rules of her genre. But always, it’s the romance that drives her stories to their final happily-ever-after.

You can find Viki at: Website | Facebook | Twitter

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