4 Stars, D.H. Starr, Genre Romance, Reviewed by Jackie, Wilde City Press

Review: “The One I Choose” by D.H. Starr

Title: The One I Choose

Author: D.H. Starr

Publisher: Wilde City Press

Pages/Word Count: 33k Words

Rating: 4 Stars

Blurb: Cal’s been with his partner Rhys for three years, their life together was perfect—or so he thought. When Rhys’s culinary path in NYC is detoured, Cal uses his inheritance to relocate them to Boston. While using his contracting skills tirelessly to get Rhys’s restaurant operational, Cal realizes that Rhys’s happiness, their very relationship, may not be as solid as he’d once thought. Cal struggles as he realizes the many ways he’s taken Rhys for granted and needs to make some hard choices if he doesn’t want to lose the man he loves.


Review: I am kind of a fangirl of D.H. Starr so when I found out he had a new book coming out, I was so excited to see what his muse had been up to. Happily, it seems his muse has been up to only very, very good things.

In this latest story with Cal and Rhys, we watch a seemingly happy couple begin to grow apart, but the thing is there isn’t any one person to point a finger at for causing the rift between them. When Rhys ran into all kinds of trouble in NYC, Cal decided to use his inheritance to move the men to a new town and give Rhys his dream restaurant. When Cal begins a project, though, he puts one-hundred-ten percent into it, and Rhys is feeling a bit neglected. Cal doesn’t know how to react to this because he only sees his side of the issue; he is giving Rhys his dream and doing it faster than they ever thought they could.

Neither man knows how to communicate with the other, and they just continue to grow apart. The final straw seems to come when Rhys decides to visit some friends and Cal has to decide what is more important, completing the restaurant or quality time with his partner.

It turns out that both men make a few missteps but all is not lost. With a little help from their friends and some fabulous smexy times, these two find themselves on the way to a HEA.

This story is a classic tale of what can happen to a perfectly wonderful relationship if there isn’t proper communication. Both of the MCs in this one will have you shaking your fist at them at one point or another, but you will be rooting for them by the end. This is a smoking hot read as well as being sweet and tender. I would highly recommend this story, and I wouldn’t mind visiting with these characters again in the future.

You can buy The One I Choose here:


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