3 Stars, Laura Baumbach, MLR Press, Paranormal Romance, Reviewed by Sammy

Review: Addicted by Laura Baumbach

Title: Addicted

Author: Laura Baumbach

Publisher: MLR Press

Pages/Word Count: 27 Pages

Rating: 3 Stars

Blurb: Vampires are impervious to human ailments and blood-borne disease. But what happens when one gets a taste of a new, powerful designer drug made from an element vampires have never encountered before?

Vampire Gideon Borg dines occasionally from the alcohol and drug-dazed 20-somethings found in any nightclub in the country. It spares his treasured human companion, Tanner Ash, any danger from his less than discriminating appetites. There have never been ‘leftover’ effects from his meals. Until now.

Or is it just an excuse for Gideon to let his true nature out for an evening?


Review: Laura Baumbach used to be a go to author for me and I have had many a delightful reading experience with her at the helm of an intriguing and sexy story. Since it is rare these days for her to publish, as she has long been involved with running MLR Press, when a story of hers comes along I tend to be rather thrilled to see it. Addicted was previously published but has been re-released with MLR, and I grabbed at the chance to review it.

I cannot tell you much more about the story than is already outlined in the blurb above, mainly because it is such a short little snippet that to reveal anything else would be to give you the entire plot line. I can say that when vampire Gideon Borg accidentally gets a bit more “high” from the blood of an unwitting female donor, he carries his head rush right back home to his very human lover, Tanner, and that is where trouble begins to brew.

In what is, in essence, a one scene story, we find out about the relationship that exists between these two unlikely lovers and the fact that Tanner is not yet ready to give up his human form. Surprisingly we find that Gideon does not necessarily want that either. In fact, he cherishes Tanner’s humanity and assures him that he will never come to harm under his care. Tanner is not so easily convinced. I wish I could say to you that this storyline was so complete that it was an outstanding short story. It definitely had some sexy and shining moments—particularly when Gideon was making up to Tanner for scaring him and going against his wishes.

However, with no idea as to how these two met, why they had stayed together, or where they might possibly be headed relationally, it was tough to say that this was much more than a chapter pulled out of a novel we never got to read. I found out that Tanner wanted to remain human but other than the fact that he would never get to see the sun again, I was not sure what held him back from giving in to Gideon—what was the downside? Also, there was a lot of discussion about cherishing Tanner but no declaration of love. I wasn’t really clear as to why I should either root for or against the two of them staying together. The story felt incomplete to me, as if I had entered the middle of a conversation and had no idea what was being discussed. I love this author but this one felt too rushed and choppy for me.

I really hope this re-release of Addicted signals the promise of more work by this author. I miss her writing and would love to see her publish more of the fabulous stories I came to love.

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2 thoughts on “Review: Addicted by Laura Baumbach

    • sammythemusician says:

      I apologize–thank you for that correction. I have made the changes to my review. However, in my defense, twice in the novel Tanner was referred to as “Lane” I also chose not to nitpick the other editorial errors in the short story as I respect this author. All in all, I felt the rating was fair. Also, I take it from your comment that you feel differently. I am glad you enjoyed this story and I assure you, as I stated in my review, I have thoroughly enjoyed many other pieces of this author’s work. Again, thank you for the correction.


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