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Guest Post – Sara York: Authors Gone Wild

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HomoErotiCon, the conference featured in Authors Gone Wild, is a place where anything could happen. This little book, okay it’s a huge book, is filled with fantasy meet-ups where fun is the focus. Authors, readers, publisher, and industry professionals are out to have a good time, and they really are into having a good time. The attending authors see nothing wrong with showing a little skin, getting a busy, and giving a little back.

This is one book you want to read!

As we are preparing for GRL, the authors going to HEC are gearing up for their conference. You don’t want to miss their escapades. Like Brandon Witt’s Sampson in Fanboy. He’s going to a conference for the first time, and he’s nervous as hell. You have to read it to believe what he gets into. It’s wicked fun, and a hot little read. Ethan Stone’s Micah gets into hot water when he meets his dream guy—literally, he’s his dream guy. Find out how he gets through the weekend at HEC. William Cooper’s Josh and Carlisle get into quickly, but it’s all for fun. And let me tell you, you don’t want to miss that author signing. Carlisle is very glad he’s at the signing. J.P. Barnaby’s Brandon meets his boy wonder and he learns just how wonderful that boy can be. Sara York’s Brett is forced to face someone from his past, but can he get over the hurt he experienced, or was he right to begin with?

The HEC conference is sure to give you pleasure. If you’re attending GRL, we have some sweet HomoErotiCon swag for you. I hope you have fun at the next conference you attend.


Sara YorkAbout Sara:

Writing is Sara York’s life. The stories fight to get out, often leaving her working on four or five books at once. She can’t help but write. Along with her writing addiction shehas a coffee addiction. Some nights, the only reason she stops writing and goes to sleep is for the fresh brewed coffee in the morning. Sara enjoys writing twisted tales of passion, anger, and love with a good healthy dose of lust thrown in for fun.

Visit Sara York at her Blog or Website.


Authors Gone Wild4vBlurbs: Caught Between a Cock and a Hard Dom by J.P. Barnaby

Brandon Lennox doesn’t like people. When his lover and Dom signs him up for an author conference in Austin, Texas, his social anxiety goes into overdrive.

Well, until the hot boy in the tight little Robin costume shows them both just how much of a boy wonder he is.

Family Lines by Sara York

Brett Nash is a successful author, but his past still haunts him. Being kicked out of his home at the age of sixteen has left him distrustful of others. When Daniel, his stepbrother, shows up at HomoEroticCon, Brett has to decide to stay or leave. Worse, his publisher traps them in a room together; forcing Brett to talk to the one man he’s never stopped loving.

Fanboy by Brandon Witt

HomoErotiCon was only a conference. Just four days. Nothing more than a long weekend. Hooked from the first moment he picked up his first gay romance novel, Sampson Pruitt fantasized about living a life like the ones he read about on the page. The novels made him hope he might be able to truly break free, and discover the courage to leave the secrecy of his life. Maybe even meet the author of his dreams. Just four days. For this Fan Boy, four days might be enough to change everything.

Fan Service by William Cooper

Author Josh Austin loves going to conventions all the time, especially HomeErotiCon. But those weekends take their toll on the introverted author. Normally used to curling up alone to toil away at his books, it’s always a complete change of pace having to be “on” for all the readers and fellow authors.

But when an overeager fan crawls under his table at the signing, he can’t say no. When Carlisle begins to unzip his pants, Josh lets loose for once in his life, living like the characters straight out of one of his books.

Where else would this horny twink lead him?

Muse by Ethan Stone

Micah Shea is nursing a broken heart when he arrives at HomoErotiCon. He just wants to chill out, have fun and get laid a time or two. The weekend starts out well with a fun encounter with a bellhop and an invite to an orgy. However, at the party Micah’s world is turned upside down when he sees a man who is the exact embodiment of a dream he had years ago—the guy who became his muse and the star of his books.

At first Micah is drawn to Trevor because of the resemblance, but the more Micah gets to know Trevor the more he genuinely likes him. The sex is awesome but they have more than just a physical connection.

It all goes to hell when Trevor learns the truth and Micah has to convince him he isn’t a stalker—before the end of the conference.

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