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Character Interview and Giveaway: Meant for Him by DH Starr

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Between the Sheets: Interview with Andrew and Peter

Bella: Welcome to Interviews Between the Sheets. I’m Bella Rotundo, the host. I’ve got two hot beefcakes with me tonight. Andrew Jamieson and Peter Somers. Aren’t they lovely? (Audience applauds. There are some catcalls and whistles as well). Priceless! These two hot studs have joined us to talk about their remarkable journey together. Their story is told in the book Meant For Him by DH Starr. Welcome to the show. I hope you’ve been treated well since you’ve arrived.

Andrew: Yes ma’am. Everyone’s been really sweet.

Peter: The make-up artist was a bit too sweet with Andrew. I never realized applying make-up included a body massage.

Bella: Scandalous! (The audience roars with laughter). You certainly can’t blame him now, can you?

Peter: No. Andrew is one hot piece of ass. (Covers his mouth). Oh, sorry. Can I say that on television?

Bella: Of course. But this is a pre-recorded show so feel free to talk however you like. The producers will bleep out anything inappropriate.

Andrew: Be good, Peter.

Peter: I’ll try.

Bella: Priceless! (Audience voices a choral Aww!) Okay, why don’t we get to the interview? Tell us about how you met.

Peter: Officially, we were introduced by Andrew’s ex, Jeremy. He spent years trying to play matchmaker for the both of us separately. He decided he wanted his (Peter puts his fingers up in air quotes) two favorite friends (Peter lowers his hands) to get together. But I’d met Andrew tons of times before that and I’d always been interested.

Bella: Wait. You were brought together by Andrew’s ex?

Peter: Crazy, right?

Andrew: If you knew Jer, you’d understand. He’s the type of guy who won’t rest until he sees his friends happy. But Peter’s being nice. We actually met a few years ago when Jer and I were going through a rough patch. I used to live in the East village where Peter works and stopped by the bar. He was there and I started blubbering about my relationship problems. He should’ve run when he had the chance. (The audience laughs).

Peter: Stop. I’d seen you long before you came into the bar to talk about your problems. The fact you were so concerned about Jeremy actually made me like you more. (The audience emits a choral Aw!).

Bella: That’s quite a story. Before the show, we chatted and you both shared that you were going through a rough time when you met.

Andrew: Yeah. That was a pretty challenging time for me. I’ve been pretty lucky in work. Well, actually, not lucky. I’ve worked hard to get where I am, but at the exclusion of everything else. My focus on work drove a wedge between me and Jer. After Jeremy and I split, I focused entirely on work at the expense of friendships and dating. Basically I had no balance at all and I was really unhappy. When Peter and I started dating, I was at a point where I knew I had to make some changes in my life. I just wasn’t happy.

Bella: (Turns to Peter).From what you told me, taking risks was something you shied away from. What made you change your mind?

Peter: Fear’s a powerful thing. The idea of seeking backers, jumping in on my own left me with more doubts than confidence. Plus, my family and friends all encouraged me to go corporate, starting in an established company and working my way up from the ground level. That wasn’t for me, so I ended up tending bar and it stuck. But a piece of me knew I’d chickened out and I couldn’t look at myself and see someone I truly respected.

Bella: So what changed?

Peter: It wasn’t until Andrew showed faith in me that I finally realized I had very little to lose by trying, and everything to gain. And I’m not just talking about the bar I now own. When Jer brought the two of us together, I was afraid if things didn’t work out, I might lose him as a friend as well. That terrified me, but again, the reward was worth the risk.

Andrew: (Takes Peter’s hand and brings it to his lips). Whether you and I worked out, I still would’ve believed in your talent. You never ceases to amaze me. And the way you’ve transformed the Phoenix is nothing short of miraculous. It’s the hottest bar in the neighborhood. With the hottest bartender around.

Peter: (Leans forward and kisses Andrew, then turns to face the audience). I paid him to say that. (The audience bursts out in laughter).

Bella: Priceless. All right. We have time for one more question. You both shared that you were going through personal challenges when you met. Have you managed to resolve those issues within yourselves?

Andrew: That’s an easy one for me. I definitely found better balance. Of course, the fact Peter and I share a love of the gym helps because we can work out and spend time together at the same time. But I’ve tried to cut back on the number of hours I’ve been working. When home, I’m home and enjoy Peter. That’s a big change for me.

Peter: Takes Andrew’s hand. You’ve done amazingly well. I expected getting you to relax at home would’ve been much harder than it was.

Andrew: (Snickers).

Peter: (Swats Andrew gently at the back of the head). Behave!

Bella: Something tells me there’s a juicy story here.

Andrew: Let’s just say, Peter brought out a side of me I never knew existed. I’m used to being in control of every aspect of my life. With Peter…he enjoys working hard to get me to do things. Things I’d never allowed other people to do to me?

Bella: Care to elaborate? (Her eyes are wide as saucers).

Andrew: Nope. You’ll have to read about it in the story of our journey, Meant For Him, by DH Starr.

Bella: (Holds up the book). I already have. (Turns to the audience). Well, I tried to get some of the steamy details for you. I guess you’ll just have to read the book to find out just how hot things can get between the sheets for these two hunks! (The audience lets out a choral Aw! Some people shout out, Tell us!). All right, settle down. When we get back, I’ve got a special treat for you. I’ve got Drag Queen Ima Gobbler here to show us how to properly perform fellatio. Don’t worry, she’s using cucumbers, not sexual toys.

Peter: Can we stay on stage and watch?

Bella: (Waits for audience laughter to die down.) Priceless!


Book Title: Meant For Him
Author: D.H. Starr
Publisher: Ai Press (October 1, 2014)
Book Length: 203 pages
Genre: Gay romance, M/M romance

Blurb: Another hot guy from Greenwich Village is about to meet his match. That is, if he doesn’t mess things up…this time.

After the failure of his relationship with Jeremy, Andrew Jamieson threw himself into a routine his high powered job on Wall Street and workouts. After two years, however, he is unable to quell the longing in his heart for that special someone. Feeling hopeless, Andrew resigns himself to life of work and living alone in his pent house apartment. That is, until he’s fixed up with Peter, the local bartender in Jeremy’s favorite watering hole in the East Village. Peter is hot, sweet, sensitive and…masterful. Peter brings out a side of Andrew he never knew he had. And he can’t get enough. However, the same difficulties Andrew had with Jeremy threaten to rear up and ruin his chances with Peter. Will Andrew love Peter enough to let himself have the one guy in the world who could be meant for him?

Buy Links: Amazon | Amazon UK | Ai Press | ARe | Barnes & Noble


Author Bio: D.H. Starr is a product of the 80s who should have grown up in the 60s and wishes he could travel through time to visit the Ancient Romans and Greeks so he could wear togas and be considered in-style. He loves to torment his characters before giving them their happy ending, enjoying the way they struggle and change from beginning to end. On his off-time, he can be found parading naked through the woods, searching for mystical creatures who he swears do exist. Once he finds the portal to their world that will be the last you see of him. His favorite quote comes from the musical Rent, “No day but today” and he loves the song Seasons of Love because its message is so true.

Author Contact Links: Email | Website | Facebook | Blog | Twitter


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41 thoughts on “Character Interview and Giveaway: Meant for Him by DH Starr

    • Thanks for stopping by flutterfli. Meant For Each Other was a book I loved, although it did generate some mixed feelings cause there was some cheating. I don’t include that in my books anymore…but sure appreciated the conversations around the topic. And truthfully, the cheating was needed for the plot of that book. Meant For Him has no cheating. I’ve managed to work stories around conflict without going there anymore.


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