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Guest Post: Billionaire With Benefits by Anne Tenino

BillionaireWithBenefits_TourBannerHello, and welcome to the Billionaire with Benefits Blog Tour! *fanfare, etc*

You might have noticed this book took me a while to write . . . or maybe you didn’t notice, but take my word for it, it did. That might be why it ended up longer than it needed it to be. Ultimately we trimmed over 15,000 words from the original Billionaire manuscript, so posts from me (as opposed to spotlights and reviews) are all going to be cut scenes from the book. Sort of like the extras on a DVD, but, you know, not.

A list of stops on the tour can be found HERE. Why would you want to follow the tour? Well, because I’m giving away a fabulous, one-of-a-kind Voodoo Ken Kit, which the winner can use to seek revenge on any or all of their exes. How do you win? Check the bottom of each tour post for details.


Billionaire with Benefits

It’s just a friend thing

Before confessing his gayness to his best friend, Tierney Terrebonne’s sex life is strictly restroom. After confessing his gayness to his best friend . . . it doesn’t improve much. Why bother trying when the man he’s loved for fourteen years (see: “best friend”) is totally unattainable? Good thing Tierney is an old hand at accepting defeat; all it takes is a bottle of bourbon. Or fifty. Repeat as needed.

Dalton Lehnart has a history of dating wealthy, damaged, closeted, lying, cheating, no-good, cowardly men, so of course he’s immediately attracted to Tierney Terrebonne. Fortunately, Tierney is so dissolute that even Dalton’s feelings for the man would be better described as pity. Which becomes sympathy as they get to know each other. Followed by compassion, concern, caring, and hopefulness as Tierney struggles to change his life. When the man comes out very publicly and enters rehab, Dalton finds himself downright attached to Tierney. And as everyone knows, after attachment comes . . .

Uh oh.

But post-rehab Tierney can’t handle more than friendship, so Dalton should be safe from repeating his own past mistakes, right? Right?


Tierney’s technically a virgin when he and Dalton meet. He’s been with women, but in his mind that doesn’t count, and the men he’s been with were all anonymous and generally oral-only encounters.

So, yeah . . . there’s that. And there’s this—the (X-rated) lead-up to the first time Tierney tops Dalton. I wrote this a long time ago, nearly at the beginning of the project, and I liked it, but it ultimately didn’t work with the rest of the scene, so we axed it. But hey, now I get to share it with you all!

This is in Tierney’s POV.


Everything was suddenly different. Now that Dalton had said Tierney could fuck him, Tierney couldn’t figure out what to do. Couldn’t even figure out how to get back to where they’d been, kissing and rubbing against each other.

Dalton knew, though. He slid his hands up Tierney’s chest and then his neck into his hair. Bringing them skin-to-skin, running his lips and tongue along Tierney’s throat, sending waves of heat and then chills down his whole body, the slightest brush of Dalton’s chest against his making him gasp.

Looking in the full-length mirror over Dalton’s shoulder, Tierney was struck by the perfect line of the guy’s spine, leading his eye down to those slight hollows in the small of his back. Breath hitching, he watched his fingers following the contours, tracing Dalton’s vertebrae and working his way to the upper curve of Dalton’s butt cheeks. The denim of his waistband cut across his ass, held on partway by the physics of gravity and sex and the perfect curve of his muscles. Tierney’s fingers slid closer, until they were poised at Dalton’s sacrum, right above the shadowed cleft that separated Dalton’s buttocks.

“Do it,” Dalton whispered into his neck, then he rolled his hips, bringing them up, nudging Tierney’s fingertips down into that dark space, the dampness of body heat luring him in further, so sensitized he could feel the stitches holding Dalton’s jeans together scrape across his knuckles. “I want you to touch me.” Dalton’s words in his ear made him shiver.

He had to swallow before he could speak. “You feel so good.” Totally inadequate, but he had to say something about how much this moment made him ache. As if he was standing on the top of a cliff high above the ocean before diving into the crashing waves. “Smooth skin.”

Yeah, didn’t really express the entirety of his excitement, but whatever.

Dalton murmured something, swiveling his hips again, encouraging Tierney to explore even more. He could feel a tremor in every muscle, but not see it in the mirror as he went further, pushing downward, Dalton’s cheeks parting under the press of his fingers. As he worked his hand into Dalton’s jeans, then his briefs, the heat and dampness increased, everything under his touch slightly tacky but smooth, until wiry hair brushed his fingertips. He groaned, the unexpected roughness in contrast to the sleek appearance of Dalton rushing into his nerves, jolting his heart, which stuttered, then pumped even harder.

“C’mon,” Dalton said, short of breath, twisting closer, hard cock pressing against Tierney’s thigh, nails digging into Tierney’s shoulders. “Please.”

Everything sped up, moving in fast forward, the texture of Dalton’s hole slipping under his fingertips at the same moment Dalton’s low moan vibrated in his ear, and then Tierney was pushing in, making the opening give way for him, the shock of being inside Dalton’s body so much more consuming than Tierney imagined, even if it was only the last centimeter of his middle finger. Right now, that was the most sensitive erogenous zone he owned.

“We need lube,” Dalton said, kissing up Tierney’s neck, slicking his tongue under Tierney’s earlobe before adding, “So you can fuck me.”

Tierney grabbed the back of Dalton’s head with his free hand, holding him still, tongue sliding into his mouth and gripping his ass, fingers curving under the cheeks, thrusting that lucky one in a little farther, fighting the resistance. The top buttons of Dalton’s fly were digging into his dick as he ground against the guy, but he couldn’t stop, not yet, because he needed to show how much that did for him. Dalton wanting Tierney’s cock in his ass.

Still kissing him, tongue deep in his mouth, Dalton let go of Tierney. A moment of alarm was replaced by more excitement when he felt the guy’s fingers on his own fly, unzipping him and then gripping the waistband and pulling down. He wants me naked.


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webvatarAuthor Bio: Raised on a steady diet of Monty Python, classical music and the visual arts, Anne Tenino was—famously—the first patient diagnosed with Compulsive Romantic Disorder. Since that day, Anne has taken on conquering the M/M world through therapeutic writing. Finding out who those guys having sex in her head are and what to do with them has been extremely liberating.

Anne’s husband finds it liberating as well, although in a somewhat different way. Her two daughters are mildly confused by Anne’s need to twist Ken dolls into odd positions. However, other than occasionally stealing Ken1’s strap-on, they let Mom do her thing without interference.

Wondering what Anne does in her spare time? Mostly she lies on the couch, eats bonbons and shirks housework.

Check out what Anne’s up to now by visiting her site.


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2 thoughts on “Guest Post: Billionaire With Benefits by Anne Tenino

  1. Steve Leonard says:

    I met Anne briefly at GRL in 2012 but didn’t read my first Anne Tenino book until shortly after. Now I consider them chicken soup (read: crack) for the soul. And I’m happy to call Anne a good friend. ‘Frat Boy and Toppy’ will forever hold a special place in my heart, but I can’t tell you how much a lurve Dalton.

    Liked by 1 person

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