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Guest Post and Giveaway: Bad Boy: Naughty at Night by Jamie Lake


If You Could Pay To Be With Someone, Would You?

We fantasize about movie stars, athletes even our neighbors. We don’t do anything with them because maybe they’re unavailable or we don’t deem ourselves worthy but there was a price, and you could pay it to be with them for one evening, would you? There’s a part of us that say “no”. We’d want that person to want to be with us, not for the money we’d pay them but because they desire us. That’s one of the dilemmas my protagonist, Peter encounters when he decides to dabble into the dark side and become an erotic masseuse.

He’s the last person you’d ever expect to. Sure, he’s handsome and has a hot body but he’s also a kindergarten teacher and up until now has lived a pretty squeaky clean life. Sure, he’s no virgin and on one lonely night decides to finally hook up with a wealthy man who has been pursuing him online. But that one encounter turns his life around when the wealthy man offers him money. Peter scoffs at the idea but the more he thinks about it, “What’s the big deal?” He needs the money anyway. The big deal is that it changes his life forever and causes him to re-examine what he views as right and wrong and causes him to scramble back to some sense of sanity. And what does he do about his new relationship, now that he’s finally found the one? Should he be upfront and honest and tell him? Or should he keep it hidden? So many questions go through his mind and they’re questions that I think a lot of us would ask ourselves if we found ourselves in that predicament.

I wrote this novel in hopes that it would cause the reader to take a good look at their own lives and how we judge people and their pasts, how we judge people that are in our lives now and our expectations for those people. I hope that you enjoy reading this book series, Bad Boy, and I’m anxious to hear your thoughts.


Book Title:  Bad Boy

Author:  Jamie Lake

Publisher: Jamie Lake (June 25, 2014)

Book Length:  65 pages

Genre:  Novella, MM, Erotica

Blurb: Kindergarten teacher by day, sensual masseuse by night, Peter Davidson never thought things would get so tough that he’d need to give out sensual massages in secret in order to make ends meet. But when the school slashes his hours in half and with no other jobs available in town, he stumbles across the opportunity when fiddling around on an online dating site and a rather handsome older gentleman offers him money.

What he thinks will be a onetime thing turns into a booming business at night, and Peter promises himself he’ll only do it long enough just until he gets caught up. He has nothing else going on in his life, after all.

Handsome, classy and educated as he is, Peter still hasn’t met The One. Until, that is, he meets Chip – the parent of a new student, who turns out to be more man than he’s ever dreamed of.

What will Chip say if he finds out what Peter is doing on the side? And, what’s worse, what will the school say when they find out this teacher has been a very bad boy?

Buy Links: Amazon | Amazon UK


BB Jamie Lake Bio PicAuthor Bio: My name is Jamie Lake and I’m the author of more than 12 gay romance novels. I’ve been a big fan of gay romance books ever since I started reading them and I really try to do something a little  different. Some of my favorite gay romance mm authors are Kindle Alexander, Sara York, Riley Hart and  River Jaymes.

With my own novels, I like to give my readers all the hot steamy scenes they like, but I also write characters with a lot of drama.

Every single character I write has a piece of me in them and in many ways, their situations have mirrored things I’ve been through in my own life or other people I know have been through. Whether it’s Casey in “Boyfriend for Rent” who was kicked out his boyfriend’s house suddenly or Chris in “The Trainer” who was cheated on or even Peter in the “Bad Boy” series who was desperate to find love and stability, I’ve been there and done that.

Fortunately for me, I have a wonderful partner now, so I know the heights of true love but I also know the lows of a messy breakup. I hope you enjoy reading my gay romance mm stories as much I enjoy writing And although my books have found amazing success, I’m so grateful for every single one of my readers who have helped me make my dream of becoming a full-time gay romance author come true. You rock!

Author Contact Links:

Email: jamielakenovels@gmail.com

Website/Blog: http://jamielakenovels.com/

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/jamie.lake.355744?ref=tn_tnmn

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/JamieLakeNovels

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/8058364.Jamie_Lake




16 thoughts on “Guest Post and Giveaway: Bad Boy: Naughty at Night by Jamie Lake

  1. JenCW says:

    I know what you mean about judging based on past and our expectations. It’s hard to live up to other people’s expectations. Thank you for the great post and giveaway!


  2. Good morning, everyone, many thanks to all of you for stopping by to enter Jamie Lake’s e-book giveaway. The contest is closed, and BabyBarlow has been selected as today’s lucky winner.

    Congratulations to you! I’ve contacted Jamie’s promoter with your email information, so expect to hear from Scott or Jamie soon.


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