4 Stars, Dreamspinner Press, Reviewed by Lana, Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Urban Fantasy, Tere Michaels

Review: Who Knows the Storm by Tere Michaels

Title: Who Knows the Storm (The Vigilante: Book One)

Author: Tere Michaels

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Pages/Word Count: 240 Pages

Rating: 4 Stars

Blurb: In a dystopian near future, New York City has become the epicenter of decadence—gambling, the flesh trade, a playground for the wealthy. And underneath? Crime, fueled by “Dead Bolt,” a destructive designer drug. This New City is where Nox Boyet leads a double life. At night, he is the Vigilante, struggling to keep the streets safe for citizens abandoned by the corrupt government and police. During the day, he works in construction and does his best to raise his adopted teenaged son, Sam. Continue reading

4 Stars, Cardeno C., Genre Romance, Paranormal Romance, Reviewed by Sammy, Self-Published

Review: Blue Mountain by Cardeno C.

Title: Blue Mountain (Pack Collection: Book One)

Author: Cardeno C.

Publisher: Self-Publishes

Pages/Word Count: 148 Pages

Rating: 4 Stars

Blurb: Exiled by his pack as a teen, Omega wolf Simon Moorehead learns to bury his gentle nature in the interest of survival. When a hulking, rough-faced Alpha catches Simon on pack territory, he tries to escape what he’s sure will be imminent death. But instead of killing him, the Alpha takes Simon home. Continue reading

A Sneak Peek At The Coming Week, Blaine D. Arden, Deanna Wadsworth, Joanna Chambers, Kol Anderson, Leta Blake, Meredith Russell, Rick R. Reed, Skylar M. Cates, Sydney Croft, T.A. Chase, Z. Allora, Z.A. Maxfield

Here’s A Sneak Peek At The Coming Week

Sneak Peek Banner1

Cheers, everyone, and many thanks for stopping by to see what’s coming up this week. We’ve got lots of great guests and giveaways, as well as reviews, interviews, and cover reveals in store for you.

Here’s what we’ve got on tap in the week ahead. Continue reading

4.5 Stars, Ari McKay, Paranormal Romance, Reviewed by Taz, Torquere Press

Review: The Demon’s Door by Ari McKay

Title: The Demon’s Door

Author: Ari McKay

Publisher: Torquere Press

Pages/Word Count: 42000 Words

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Blurb: When Thomas Carter discovers his grandfather’s hidden journals, detailing the old man’s fight against the supernatural, he knows he’s found his true calling at last. Yet when he sets out to stake a local vampire, he quickly learns that the difference between Good and Evil is very different than what he had believed. Continue reading

5 Stars, Anyta Sunday, Drama, Genre Romance, Reviewed by Jackie, Self-Published

Review: Rock by Anyta Sunday

Title: rock

Author: Anyta Sunday

Publisher: Self-Published

Pages/Word Count: 256 Pages

Rating: 5 Stars

Blurb: Igneous.

When Cooper’s parents divorce, he finds himself landed in Week About—one week with his mum and one week with his dad.
Only, it’s not just his dad he has to live with. There’s Lila, too: The other woman, the one who stole the rock-solid foundation of his life.

And then … Continue reading

3 Stars, Harmony Ink Press, Reviewed by Jules, Young Adult, Zoe Lynne

Review: Carnival – Decatur by Zoe Lynne

Title: Carnival – Decatur

Author: Zoe Lynne

Publisher: Harmony Ink Press

Pages/Word Count: 202 Pages

Rating: 3 Stars

Blurb: A Harmony Ink Press Young Adult Title

In a world of lights, music, fanfare and fun, there’s not a lot left to the mundane, and nothing can be truer for four special boys whose lives intertwine in a most unusual, unexpected way. They all have secrets and supernatural powers that set them apart from the average small town high-schooler. Continue reading

Dreamspinner Press, Renae Kaye

Interview and Giveaway: Safe In His Arms by Renae Kaye


TNA: Hi, Renae, thanks so much for being here with us today. Why don’t we start by having you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Renae: Hi TNA.  Thank you for having me on your blog.  I’m so excited I’m jumping in my chair.  And yes, I’m always excitable. 

A bit about me? I usually tell people “I’m just a mummy.”  But don’t think I am trivialising the sheer hard work and determination that goes into that job. I think motherhood is one of the most important things we can be.  Writing is just my part-time hobby, because it takes a big backseat to my children and husband.  I have two “kidlets” – only 7 and 5 years old.  So still babies needing their mother.  The youngest isn’t even in full-time school yet. Continue reading

5 Stars, Andrea Speed, DSP Publications, Reviewed by Lisa, Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Urban Fantasy

Review: Infected: Epitaph by Andrea Speed

Title: Infected: Epitaph

Author: Andrea Speed

Publisher: DSP Publications

Pages/Word Count: 323 Pages

Rating: 5 Stars

Blurb: In a world where a werecat virus has changed society, Roan McKichan, a born infected and ex-cop, works as a private detective solving crimes involving other infecteds. Continue reading

5 Stars, Harmony Ink Press, John Goode, Reviewed by Sammy, Young Adult

Review: Going the Distance by John Goode

TNA Page Turner_thin 1.1

Title: Going the Distance

Author: John Goode

Publisher: Harmony Ink Press

Pages/Word Count: 210 Pages

Rating: 5 Stars

Blurb: Looking like the perfect all-American boy—tall, handsome, and athletic—makes it easy for Danny Monroe to blend in with the in-crowd of a new high school. It’s a trick he picked up moving with his father from one Marine base to the next. When you aren’t going to be around long, it’s better to give people what they want. And what they want are his quick hands and fast feet on the basketball court. Continue reading

Love Lane Books, RJ Scott

Guest Post, Excerpt and Giveaway: Texas Fall by RJ Scott

Texas Seris LLB

Texas is now firmly over a quarter of a million words, actually with the addition of Texas Fall it is now a total of 310,000 words. There have been deaths, murders, adoption, surrogacy, abuse & bullying, autism, fires, plots, hidden papers and so many other plot lines woven into one. Continue reading

Rocky Ridge Books, Z. Allora

Official Cover Reveal and Giveaway: Finally Fallen by Z. Allora

Finally Fallen Pic (LOGO)

Title: Finally Fallen
Series: The Dark Angels
Author: Z.Allora
Genre: Gay Erotic Romance
Publisher: Rocky Ridge Books
Publication Date: Dec. 8, 2014
Word Count: 81,000
Cover Artist: PL Nunn

Blurb: What’s the use of being a rock legend if you have no one to share the fame and fortune with? Not that Dusty Davis is looking. He’s content taking care of himself, his bandmates, and his rambunctious younger brothers. Continue reading

Harmony Ink Press, John Goode

Interview and Giveaway: Going the Distance by John Goode


TNA: Hi, John, welcome back. It’s great to have you here with us today. Let’s start with a quick introduction, if you will, to tell readers a bit about yourself.

John: I was born a poor, blac…wait that isn’t me. Hold on. (Checks ID) Oh, I am the writer today. Got it. I am John Goode and I write annoying YA books for a living. Kind of. Well, not a living per se, but not a death either. I write stuff and hope people read it. Kinda. Well, most of the time I do, and then there are times I wish no one would read that cause wow, I really am not fond of what I wrote. Continue reading

5 Stars, Audio Book, B.G. Thomas, Dreamspinner Press, Genre Romance, Reviewed by Kathie

Audio Review: Hound Dog and Bean by B.G. Thomas – Narrated by Charlie David

Title: Hound Dog and Bean

Author: B.G. Thomas

Narrator:: Charlie David

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Run Time: 8 Hours, 23 Minutes

Rating: 5 Stars

Blurb: There’s been little love in H.D. “Hound Dog” Fisher’s life since the death of his beloved mom when he was a boy. Bounced around the foster care system, he ran away as soon as he could… and took the foster dog with him. As far as he’s concerned, only dogs have no ulterior motive, never hold a grudge, and offer unconditional love. Now he helps run a no-kill shelter and leaves relationships where they belong: in the back room. Continue reading

3 Stars, Drama, Extasy Books, Reviewed by Lynn, Scarlet Blackwell

Review: Into the Light by Scarlet Blackwell

Title: Into the Light

Author: Scarlet Blackwell

Publisher: eXtasy Books

Pages/Word Count: 104 Pages

Rating: 3 Stars

Blurb: Sheriff Sean Keller hides a terrible secret – he watched a heinous crime committed eighteen years ago and did nothing to prevent it. Now he finds himself face to face with Eden Gray, the victim of that crime, who is now not so much the boy anymore, but the man. Eden makes Sean sit up and remember those forbidden desires he thought he had locked away forever and the guilt which has blighted his life. Continue reading

Jane Davitt, Riptide Publishing

Blog Tour and Giveaway: Lucky Strike by Jane Davitt

ShareTheLove_TourBanner (1)

Each year, Riptide Publishing releases a holiday collection in support of an LGBTQ charity. Royalties from Riptide’s 2013 Home for the Holidays charity collection have raised over $14,000 in nine months for the Ali Forney Center, and continue to yield several hundred dollars per month in royalties donations.

Our 2014 Share the Love collection will be raising money for the It Gets Better Project, and we hope to report even better results than in 2013. Continue reading

Cover Reveal, DSP Publications, Rhys Ford

Official Cover Reveal: Black Dog Blues by Rhys Ford

Rhys Ford

State of the Rhys

So damn, we’re reaching the end of the year and I swear to God, I feel like I haven’t even started doing what I’ve needed to do. But here we are, looking at what’s coming up in the next year and well, I’m all…hell, is there enough time in the year?

So let’s start with… Releases and Cover Reveals! Continue reading

4 Stars, A.J. Ridges, Erotica, Reviewed by Taz, Self-Published, Short Story

Review: Just a Game by A.J. Ridges

Title: Just a Game

Author: A. J. Ridges

Publisher: Self-Published

Pages/Word Count: 34 pages

Rating: 4 Stars

Blurb: When Bryan reluctantly agrees to let his new neighbor, Ben come over to watch the hockey game, he has no idea that his gay roommate, Tim is home or that Tim has company – male company. While Ben and Bryan are forced to endure the telltale sounds of sex coming from Tim’s bedroom, desires they never knew existed come to the surface. Continue reading

5 Stars, Drama, Genre Romance, Kaje Harper, MLR Press, Reviewed by Sammy

Review: Storming Love: Nelson & Caleb by Kaje Harper

Title: Storming Love: Nelson & Caleb

Author: Kaje Harper

Publisher: MLR Press

Pages/Word Count: 87 Pages

Rating: 5 Stars

Blurb: Nelson Dunn has a settled routine – an evening security-guard job, days off for his therapy dogs, occasional club sex, and good books. He sometimes dreams about more, but he’s made himself content. So when Hurricane Lauris strands Caleb Robertson at his house, Nelson has mixed feelings about having an attractive guy in his space. Especially when nothing more can possibly happen. Continue reading

Talia Carmichael, Totally Bound

Guest Post: Best Laid Intentions by Talia Carmichael


Finding Common Ground

Sometimes when I write books it’s obvious what draws each character to each other. They have a common ground—that something which makes them a good match. Other times it’s not so obvious even if characters have common interests or things like that. I love doing either type of story and it’s up to me to find that common ground even if there doesn’t seem to be any that is there for anyone to see. Each type of book has its own merits and fun attached to writing it. Continue reading

Gregory Jonathan Scott, Self-Published

Blog Tour and Giveaway: Take to the Sky by Gregory Jonathan Scott

TTTS Banner The Novel Approach

The Novel Approach is happy to welcome author Gregory Jonathan Scott today. Have a look at the excerpt from his new book, Take to the Sky, then check out the great giveaway you can enter via Rafflecopter! Continue reading

4 Stars, A.F. Henley, Genre Romance, Less Than Three Press, Reviewed by Lisa

Review: The Chase and the Catch by A.F. Henley

Title: The Chase and the Catch

Author: A.F. Henley

Publisher: Less Than Three Press

Pages/Word Count: 192 Pages

Rating: 4 Stars

Blurb: After one of his fans committed suicide, John lost everything: lover, confidence, drive. When he is given a chance to get back on his feet, he is happy to take it—even if it’s just writing an actor’s biography. It might not be romance, or even fiction, but it’s something, and there are worse people to work for than the charming, successful Parker Chase. Continue reading

Charlie Cochrane, Riptide Publishing

Blog Tour and Giveaway: The Best Corpse for the Job by Charlie Cochrane


A Quick Q&A With Charlie

Q: Where are you from?

A: Stoke Newington, in London. Just around the very limit of where you can hear Bow Bells so doubtful if I count as a cockney. (And they were mending them at the time I was born so perhaps nobody of my age truly qualifies.)

Q: What’s your favorite place to visit? Continue reading

4.5 Stars, CR Guiliano, Dreamspinner Press, Genre Romance, Reviewed by Lana

Review: My Best Friend’s Brother by CR Guiliano

Title: My Best Friend’s Brother

Author: CR Guiliano

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Pages/Word Count: 57 Pages

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Blurb: Every day has been a struggle for Brynn Davidson since his mother’s death. He dropped out of college to care for his sisters, but his father’s grief and rage-filled abuse is taking its toll. While he wishes for a better life, Brynn sees no way out, since he can’t leave his sisters behind. What little hope he finds comes from his best friend, Leila, who repeatedly offers to report his father, but is his rock. Then she surprises him with news that her brother is back in town. Brynn’s former crush, Adric, left town cursing Brynn’s name. Now, he offers to support Brynn in any decision that will get Brynn out of his horrible situation. But Brynn doesn’t know if he’s ready for his best friend’s brother. Continue reading

4 Stars, Boroughs Publishing Group, Genre Romance, Reviewed by Jackie, Susan Mac Nicol

Blog Tour and Giveaway: Love You Senseless by Susan Mac Nicol

LYS Banner TNA


Title: Love You Senseless

Author: Susan Mac Nicol

Publisher: Boroughs Publishing Group

Pages/Word Count: 160 Pages

Rating: 4 Stars

From Soho to Norwich, there’s no escaping love.

An award-winning chef with his own restaurant and an inexhaustible passion, Gideon Kent once had everything. Then came tragedy. It stole more than Gideon’s home. He hasn’t cooked since. Continue reading