5 Stars, Drama, Genre Romance, Lynley Wayne, MLR Press, Mystery/Suspense/Action Thriller, Reviewed by Lynn

Review: Facing Demons by Lynley Wayne

Title: Facing Demons (Scars: Book Three)

Author: Lynley Wayne

Publisher: MLR Press

Pages/Word Count: 379 Pages

Rating: 5 Stars

Blurb: When demons from his past interfere with his present, Cam knows Seth is the only one he can trust to help him face them.

At the age of fifteen, Seth Dempsey gave his heart to Cameron Reyes. Three years later, Cam shattered it when he walked away. When Cam blows back into Seth’s life years later, Seth knows he will do whatever it takes to ensure Cam doesn’t slip away again. Even if it means going up against a corrupt DEA agent and a drug cartel.

Cameron Reyes was born on the wrong side of the tracks. He fell in love with Seth, but knew the only way to keep him safe was to leave, no matter how much it hurt. Eleven years later, when his life implodes, he knows the only person he can trust is the boy whose heart he broke all those years ago.

While they fight to stay one step ahead of everyone and clear Cam’s name, can they learn to work together in order to face down the demons of the past and find the happily ever after they have dreamed of?


Review: Wow, just wow. I don’t think this author has written a book I don’t like. Her story telling abilities amaze me every time I pick up one of her stories to read. I absolutely loved this one.

This is the third book in the Scars series. I have to admit I didn’t read the second one, and I didn’t feel lost or as though I missed anything, but I could kick myself for not reading them in order. If you’re a stickler for that kind of thing, by all means you should read them in the order they were written. Is it absolutely necessary? Probably not. I do recommend it, though.

We all remember our first love, our first crush—the butterflies in the stomach every time that person is around. This is exactly what Cam and Seth have together. Friends in high school, their feelings developed past a simple crush and led into something a whole lot stronger. These two broke my heart with how much they loved and needed each other. But life isn’t fair, and it definitely wasn’t fair to Cam. We know from the blurb that leaving Seth was the only thing Cam could do to keep Seth safe.

As the story begins, we see Cam and Seth as kids. They’re in high school, hanging out, watching movies, doing what kids do. While the reader is privy to Cam’s home life, his friends are not. I have a soft spot for damaged characters, and Cam was definitely damaged. He was brought up by an abusive father who had no problem using his son in his unsavory escapades. As frustrating and angry as it made me that he didn’t reach out for help, I had to admire Cam for keeping his friends out of the ugliness that surrounded him. One night it all changed for Cam, a possible way out, to once and for all be free of his father. As with anything in life, if it sounds too good to be true, it’s usually not a good thing. For Cam, it turned into the beginning of a nightmare.

I liked the realism the author put into this story. From the foreword at the beginning of the book, we know she researched what a confidential informant working with the police entailed. Let’s just say, Cam was given false hope and was lied to. And there was nothing he could do about it.

Fast forward to present day. Eleven years have gone by, and Cam is running for his life, literally. He reaches out to the one person who has always had his heart, Seth. This is where the story really picks up speed, with loads of action and edge of your seat suspense. The author really outdid herself in the way the words just flowed without missing a beat. While I was reading I could actually see everything happening before me. Great visual interpretation. I don’t know how she does it, but this author doesn’t need a thousand words to explain a situation. We get to know where and what Cam’s been up to all these years without unnecessary drivel. Everything that needs to be known is done so in a brisk, informative way, with no more questions to be asked. We can move forward and deal with what’s happening now.

I can’t say too much more without giving spoilers away. I will say this, though; get ready for a ride. There were so many nail biting moments in this story. Those of you who like fast paced, nonstop action, this one’s for you. For those who want to know if it has a HEA, yes it does. But wow, these guys have earned it.

Highly recommended.

You can buy Facing Demons (Scars: Book Three) here:


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