3.5 Stars, JMS Books LLC, Logan Zachary, Paranormal Romance, Reviewed by Taz, Short Story

Review: Dead By Dawn by Logan Zachary

Title: Dead By Dawn

Author: Logan Zachary

Publisher: JMS Books

Pages/Word Count: 20 pages

Rating: 3.5 Stars

Blurb: Skip Helsing is on vacation celebrating his new sunscreen. Little does he know trouble is brewing with his new “Youth Forever” formula, which allows for a newly-found freedom to a dangerous race.

Dominick wants Skip’s new formula for himself, and isn’t willing to share it with the world. As Dominick searches for Skip, a few innocent people are hurt as Skip enjoys body surfing at the resort.

Steve has been sent to protect Skip as he splashes in the surf and tans on the beach, but who will save Steve from the sexy, naked guy beside him in bed? As the sun starts to set, danger rises for the new lovers. How far will they go to protect each other? Who will be Dead by Dawn?


Review: Dead by Dawn is a cute, short vampire story. Vampires are able to exist in the sun because they use 100 SPF water-resistant sunscreen. Still, their hair can’t survive in the sun. Skip, a chemist who has developed a lotion that can protect vampire hair from burning off in the sun, becomes Dominick’s unwitting victim, his vanity becoming his own undoing. Dominick wants to keep Skip to himself so he’ll be the only vampire who can protect his hair in the sun.

Steve, another vampire, wishes to protect Skip so the formula can be used by all vampires. On the eve of their meeting, Steve answers several questions about vampirism and then beds Skip in the most delicious of ways. The next day, they decide remaining in public view would be the safest way to keep Skip safe, but their plans are foiled by Dominick’s crafts.

This story was short but got to the point. A quick read, it delves into a short spot in time, builds certain world rules, and provides the smexy sex, god versus evil, and saving the innocents. It even provides a twist which caught me off guard towards the end.

As a short, it was difficult to become too invested in the characters, but, for the words provided, this author delivered the goods.









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