2 Stars, Andrew Grey, Audio Book, Dreamspinner Press, Reviewed by Kathie

Audio Review: Snowbound in Nowhere by Andrew Grey – Narration by K.C. Kelly

Title: Snowbound in Nowhere

Author: Andrew Grey

Narrator:: K.C. Kelly

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Run Time: 2 hours, 1 minute

Rating: 2 Stars – Plot/3 Stars – Narration

Blurb: When a funeral calls his friend Martin away, sunbelt resident Chris is left alone in Martin’s cabin in the dead of winter – and in a blizzard to boot. When the power goes out, Chris thinks he’s going to freeze to death. Luckily, Horace drops in to check on him – and then runs out after a few kisses, leaving Chris upset and feeling used. Horace does come back with explanations, but is their time together keeping each other warm enough for them see they belong together? Or are these sudden emotions the product of being snowbound?


Review: I’ll start this review with the positive: the narrator of Snowbound in Nowhere, K.C. Kelly, was spot on with Horace’s northern accent, though I’m not sure what an Arizona native sounds like so I can’t comment on that one. From there, however, I have to say I felt uncomfortable with the relationship between Horace and Chris. Horace was too young for Chris, and Chris knew it, but throughout the whole book he kept trying to justify having sex with Horace, and no matter how Chris tried to justify the sexual relationship, it still felt like Chris was taking advantage of Horace. When Chris talked to Horace, I couldn’t help but think that Horace was perhaps slow because of the way Chris slowed down his speech and talked in simpler terms.

When Martin called, I felt it would have been a good time to fill in the holes of who Horace was, but instead, the conversations centered around sex. Snowbound in Nowhere had a lot of sex scenes, so being uncomfortable listening to them made this audio even harder to get through. And Chris was so self-centered. Yuck.

Would I have bought this audio if I had read the book beforehand? No. Andrew Grey’s books usually have a lot of depth of character and culture. Not so in this book. Just a lot of sex.

I am giving a low rating to Snowbound in Nowhere due to its undeveloped characters. I wanted to know more about Horace and Chris. Fewer sex scenes and more character development would have helped, and there was plenty of opportunity to do just that, even with the restrictions of it being a novella. So many questions, so few answers…

You can buy Snowbound in Nowhere here:


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