4 Stars, A.J. Ridges, Erotica, Reviewed by Taz, Self-Published, Short Story

Review: Just a Game by A.J. Ridges

Title: Just a Game

Author: A. J. Ridges

Publisher: Self-Published

Pages/Word Count: 34 pages

Rating: 4 Stars

Blurb: When Bryan reluctantly agrees to let his new neighbor, Ben come over to watch the hockey game, he has no idea that his gay roommate, Tim is home or that Tim has company – male company. While Ben and Bryan are forced to endure the telltale sounds of sex coming from Tim’s bedroom, desires they never knew existed come to the surface.



Review: Just a Game was a hot, sexy, fun, sexy, entertaining, sexy, oh yeah, and sexy read. It was short, only taking about thirty minutes to complete, but in those thirty minutes I felt so deliciously dirty. The premise is relatively simple: supposedly straight guy number one is surprised by his attraction to supposedly straight guy number two. Put them together with hockey, beer, pizza, and a slutty roommate who fucks like a banshee to set the mood, and you’ve got your recipe for a rompfest.

What I liked about this story was it didn’t try to be more than what it was. A 34 page book can’t go too deep. We’re not going to get a soulful connection that’s drawn out and established. In 34 pages, what you get is a sketch of two people who are hot for each other, come together (both literately and figuratively) and who, by the end, have found a companion in the other.

I could see myself reading this by the pool, on the subway, before dinner, anytime when I had a few minutes to feed my love or reading. But be warned, you’ll need to be careful about who’s around because the heat level of this read is sizzling. If I were at the pool, NO SPEEDOS. On the subway, NO SWEATS. Because there’s no way to hide your arousal when reading this.









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