4 Stars, Dreamspinner Press, Holiday Romance, Reviewed by Sammy, Rob Rosen

Review: The Virgin Miracle by Rob Rosen

Title: The Virgin Miracle

Author: Rob Rosen

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Pages/Word Count: 22 Pages

Rating: 4 Stars

Blurb: Two strangers on a plane, one heading to Paris, the other Barcelona, both trying to get to their families in time for the holidays. It’s Christmas Eve, and all they have in common is a connection through London. When flights get delayed and cancelled, that connection goes beyond an airport, a terminal, and a secluded meeting room. And for Lance and Bruce, Christmas morning will hold even more joyous miracles.


Review: Cute, quick and sexy. Three perfect adjectives to describe this sweet sip of a Christmas story from author Rob Rosen. I must admit I have always connected with this author’s raucous and clever humor and he does not fail to dish some out in his story The Virgin Miracle.

Two men on a plane traveling to be with their families hook up and feel an instant like for one another—not love, but definitely a strong desire to meet again. But what are the odds of that happening after just a short six-hour flight? Well, when planes get grounded and flights cancelled, Lance and Bruce have an opportunity to have one more night to explore their new found attraction. But will it prove enough to give these two a chance at something more than just a chance encounter?

While some critics may feel there was a lot of sex in this story, I felt that given the way in which these two met it was justified. What one cannot fail to see is that all that physical attraction was wrapped up in sweet exploration of character and peppered with smart and funny dialogue. I felt like I got to know these guys fast, in just a few pages of text. And what I discovered about them, I really liked. This story was not meant to be some great novel or even a long short—instead it was exactly what it set out to be—a miracle—a Christmas fantasy. And for my money, Rob Rosen gave us a sweet snippet of a holiday dream come true. A lovely selection from Dreamspinner’s Celebrate!2014 Advent Calendar, The Virgin Miracle is a delightful way to celebrate the holiday season.

You can buy The Virgin Miracle here:


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