3 Stars, Bru Baker, Dreamspinner Press, Holiday Romance, Reviewed by Jules

Review: The Magic of Weihnachten by Bru Baker

Title: The Magic of Weihnachten

Author: Bru Baker

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Pages/Word Count: 51 Pages

Rating: 3 Stars

Blurb: American Walsh Brandt is happy when a promotion lands him his dream job and a quiet new life in Germany. Until December rolls around, when he realizes it’s almost impossible to hide from the holiday season in Germany.

Dierck Reiniger is fascinated by Walsh’s hatred of Christmas and makes it his personal mission to help Walsh enjoy Weihnachten and the German traditions he grew up with. Walsh has a great time getting to know Dierck—but he still isn’t sold on Christmas, despite Dierck’s efforts. Dierck’s on the rebound, and he’s determined to develop their physical relationship slowly, much to Walsh’s frustration. It isn’t until they’re alone in a secluded cabin—hiding from the traditional trappings—that Walsh finally recognizes what the magic of the season can bring when spent with someone special.

A story from the Dreamspinner Press 2014 Advent Calendar package “Celebrate!”.


Review: Everyone should come to Leavenworth, Washington – a quaint Bavarian-themed village a short jaunt from the base of Steven’s Pass – to read The Magic of Weihnachten. I could not have lucked into a more perfect place to be writing the review for this story. As I was strolling around town yesterday, reading all the German signs and sampling Gluhwein, I appreciated even more all of the wonderful cultural details, and traditions that Bru Baker put into her story.

Walsh Brandt is an American who took a promotion with a large pharmaceutical company, and moved to Germany for the position. He has zero love for Christmas, or any of the festivities that go along with the season. A true Scrooge. But, it’s hard to avoid completely when you’re living in Mannheim, a town rich in history and holiday spirit.

Dierck, a local who Walsh literally runs into one morning while at the market, is intent on changing Walsh’s mind about the holiday, and showing him that perhaps, through enjoying their time together, he can make new memories.

I have to say that Walsh was a little tooooo Humbug-ish (it’s a word) for me at times. I get that he didn’t enjoy the holiday, and with good reason…but, man, was he a negative one. Dierck, on the other hand, was a complete breath of fresh air, which was a great juxtaposition. I loved his spirit, and his genuineness, and he was great for Walsh.

The first part of the story was a bit slow for me, but I really enjoyed the last third, and there was a lovely moment when Walsh finally “gets it”at the end. The Magic of Weihnachten was a cute little holiday read.

You can buy The Magic of Weihnachten here:

All Romance eBooks

All Romance eBooks


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