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Simply The Best 2014: Round Three – The Year In Reviews And A Giveaway


Greetings, everyone!

The Best of the Best continues today in our selections for top reads of 2014. Just in case you missed them, Sammy’s and Tina’s choices can be found HERE, Jackie’s, Lana’s and Jules’ choices can be found HERE, and just like those, we’re giving one lucky reader the chance to win e-copies of any TWO of the titles in today’s selections, winner’s choice.


Good luck!

And now, simply the best from Lynn and Chris.



18586923When All the World Sleeps by Lisa Henry and J.A. Rock: “Overall, this is a heartwarming read, filled with sweet, tender moments, as well as some funny ones too, a bit on the dark side with some serious emotional issues, but we do get a HFN ending. I’m hoping the authors plan to revisit Daniel and Bel in the future. Something tells me their story isn’t over just yet.”


1441814Guarded by Cat Grant and L.A. Witt: “The authors did such a wonderful portrayal of the BDSM lifestyle. Jase knew exactly what Jordan was needing and missing in his life. Being a former Dom, he was determined to show Jordan how to channel his sexual urges safely. I loved how the authors handled this part of the storyline. It was written so tastefully and so sincerely. I loved the secondary characters introduced here. I felt they added a little more balance to Jordan’s world. At this point I knew they were a perfect fit, sexually as well as intellectually.”


23472936The Broken Series by Kol Anderson: “As with all of Kol Anderson books, we’re given just enough information to think we know the where, what, why and when. We then peek around the corner, or in this case, turn the page, and everything we thought to be true is blown to bits and we’re left with our jaws hanging open, wondering where in the hell did that come from. This is what I love about this author, the element of surprise, the mind boggling “WTF?” moments, the “holy shit” endings. It’s what keeps me coming back for more every single time.”


ThisIsNotALoveStoryThis Is Not a Love Story by Suki Fleet: “There aren’t many stories out there that render me speechless, but this one certainly did. The reality of homelessness isn’t pretty and the author doesn’t gloss over that fact. At times this story was really hard to read because of that reality. In our society we come to view the homeless as a nuisance, Romeo and Julian will make you think differently.

I encourage everyone to read this heartwarming story. You won’t be disappointed.”


23303308Facing Demons by Lynley Wayne: “While I was reading I could actually see everything happening before me. Great visual interpretation. I don’t know how she does it, but this author doesn’t need a thousand words to explain a situation. We get to know where and what Cam’s been up to all these years without unnecessary drivel. Everything that needs to be known is done so in a brisk, informative way, with no more questions to be asked. We can move forward and deal with what’s happening now.

I can’t say too much more without giving spoilers away. I will say this, though; get ready for a ride. There were so many nail biting moments in this story. Those of you who like fast paced, nonstop action, this one’s for you. For those who want to know if it has a HEA, yes it does. But wow, these guys have earned it.

Highly recommended.”



21530145Let Love Live by Melissa Collins: “Let Love Live is a beautifully written, very emotional book for this author’s first M/M story. She was able to get all the nuances and honest emotions of the characters just right. How what happens in the story shapes who Dylan is, how Conner has realized he wants more from life after his accident, and even dealing with Shane’s depression, self doubt and the final consequences of his actions. All of these pieces intertwined into one very well crafted story. I have to admit that Dylan has quickly become one of my favorite characters after reading this book.”


hooklinesinker-500x750Hook, Line, & Sinker by Piper Vaughn: “Piper Vaughn has always had the ability to make me fall in love with her characters; no matter what book, what setting, or back-story they have, her skills slay me dead. Every. Single. Time. This book was absolutely no different. The further I got into the story, the more I was cheering Blake and Cas on, the more I wanted to see them overcome their issues and make it for the long run. Then, of course, we have a few secondary characters that slipped in, and I wanted more of them, too. Riley and Gavin kind of snuck in, and I’m hoping to see them get a story, either together or separately, in the near future.”


22616950Breaking Free by Cat Grant: “I went into Breaking Free not knowing what to expect, other than I had absolutely adored Renee in Guarded. I’d never read another book with a character transitioning from one sex to another. I really felt that the balance in this story of how Renee felt as both sexes, going through the transition, and also the choices she makes as she goes through the transition were very well written and again, handled very well. Robert’s reactions, his feelings for Jase, and how he deals with Renee’s transition, or rather, how he didn’t deal with it. Reading that moment when Jase actually gets Robert to see that Renee is no different than she was when she showed the outer image of Richard, that moment and Robert and Renee reconnecting were perfect moments, the kind of moments you live to read for in any story. Those moments are what I love to share with other readers, so don’t pass this story up.”

20140711-113558-41758451Let it Be by Cheryl McIntyre: “This novella left me all sorts of shattered as I waited along with Guy as he sat in Ian’s hospital room. I can’t imagine if this had been a full novel just how wrecked I would have been by the ending, watching Guy blame himself for what happened during their last conversation, hearing Ian’s perspective as he continues to fall further down the spiral of depression and is unable to share what he’s going through with those around him. Seeing the impact Ian’s actions have on himself and on those around him will have you reaching for your tissues. Many of us will relate to their story, and that’s what makes this one powerful and, ultimately, beautiful ends to the series.”

18221995Strength of the Mate by Kendall McKenna: “I loved that the story is filled with action with the convoys and later, with Adam’s imprisonment. It’s also about the strength of the relationship that Adam and Dawson create and build upon, brick by brick. It’s also about learning to forgive yourself, learning to rebuild bonds with your family after tragedy occurs, and forging new, lasting bonds with friends. I really enjoyed the journey between Dawson and Adam, seeing the bonds develop and also seeing Adam start to believe in himself again. Because Adam starts to forgive himself, he is able to survive imprisonment and find a way to get back to Dawson, and his family and friends.”


24 thoughts on “Simply The Best 2014: Round Three – The Year In Reviews And A Giveaway

  1. Waxapplelover says:

    Haven’t had a chance to read any of these yet, but the short explanations on the side pack such a wallop. I can see why these would have had such a lasting impact. Thanks for the chance to win.


  2. Barbra says:

    I have This Is Not A Love Story but haven’t read it yet, and I just got a free Kendall McKenna book from MLR today. Other than those, the listed books are all new to me. I love getting these end of year lists. Thanks! :-)


  3. Congratulations, Waxapplelover, you’ve been selected as the winner in our “Best Of” Round Three giveaway!

    I’ve just dropped you a note and will be standing by for your e-title selections. :)


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