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Guest Post and Giveaway: The Werecat Trilogy by Andrew J. Peters

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Thanks so much to Lisa and the Novel Approach crew for this opportunity to introduce my Werecat series to your visitors!

This is a really exciting time for me with the release of a special edition paperback Werecat: The Trilogy. It’s the first bound book in the e-novelette series and includes the first three installments: The Rearing (Book 1), The Glaring (Book 2) and The Fugitive (Book 3). 

Werecat is the story of Jacks Dowd, a lost, ungrounded college senior in upstate New York. When his campus empties out for spring break, Jacks sells back his textbooks and catches a Greyhound bus to the nearest city with a gay party scene—Montréal. What starts out as a quick hook-up trip takes a serious turn when Jacks meets Benoit, a mysterious drifter who is everything Jacks ever lusted for.

Benoit lives out of an antique leather travel bag, rooms in a hostel, doesn’t have a job, and doesn’t seem overly concerned about any of that. He also likes to wander around Mont Royal Park in the wee hours of the morning. It feels so good being together day and night, those flaming red warning lights don’t register much to Jacks. A desperate part of him would willfully follow Benoit into danger just to feel some sense of purpose in life.

The trap door opens beneath Jacks when a kinky struggle turns out to be an occult ritual to awaken his ancestral link to the cougar spirit. From that moment, Jacks’ adventure begins—sprinting ahead of a missing person’s investigation that could get him locked up for scientific study, finding a way out from under his possessive maker, and figuring out how he will live and love as a man who can transform into a big cat.

I think what readers have liked about the series is that it’s fast-paced action-adventure with a cinematic feel. Each e-novelette is just 70-130 pages so they’re easy to read in an afternoon. The trilogy comes out to the length of a typical novel.

I’ve also heard from readers who enjoyed the werecat mythology. I drew upon Amerindian beliefs and practices, which go back to the ancient Olmecs who worshiped a werejaguar god. I also hear a lot from people who liked the way that housecats and strays fit into the werecat world. One of my favorite comments from a reviewer was: “Andrew has given us a reason to look at our own cats as well as the neighborhood cats with a little suspicion.”

WerecatTrilogyYou can pick up The Trilogy at Amazon, Barnes & Noble or your favorite indie retailer, or dip your paws in the series with one of the e-books:

The Rearing

The Glaring

The Fugitive

 And just for fans of The Novel Approach, I’m offering a giveaway for Book 1. Just drop a comment below with your e-mail address to enter. Comments must be time/date stamped by Midnight Pacific time on Wednesday, December 31, 2014. One winner will be selected at random on Thursday, January 1, and notified by email for prize delivery.

Good luck!


meandchloeAbout Andrew J. Peters: Andrew J. Peters is the author of the Werecat series and The Seventh Pleiade and its forthcoming follow-up Banished Sons of Poseidon. He grew up in Amherst, New York, studied psychology at Cornell University, and has spent most of his career as an advocate and a social worker for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth. A lifelong writer, Andrew has written for The Good Men Project, GayYA, La Bloga and Layers of Thought among other media. He lives in New York City with his husband and their cat Chloë. For more about Andrew, visit: or find him on social media.

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12 thoughts on “Guest Post and Giveaway: The Werecat Trilogy by Andrew J. Peters

    • Aw, thanks Kezia! That’s a favorite photo of mine because it captures the sometimes grudging attitude of Chloë. I asked her if she wanted a selfie with an author, and you can see she put her “you’re an author?” sourpuss on. :)

      Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Happy New Year, everyone! We have our first contest winner of 2015 this morning, for Andrew J. Peters’ Werecat: Book One giveaway. The winner of an e-copy of The Rearing is

    Kezia Shugrue

    Congratulations to you, Kezia! I’ve emailed Andrew with your contact info, so expect to hear from him soon.


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