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Excerpt and Giveaway: The Pleasure Hound (Part Two) by Ines Johnson

Ines Johnson

The Novel Approach welcomes Ines Johnson back today with an e-book giveaway of The Pleasure Hound (Part Two). Enjoy the spicy little tease she’s offered, then leave a comment below to enter for a chance to win.




Jian and Chanyn’s unexpected feelings for one another put everyone they care about in danger. For Jian’s temple to survive, he must watch the woman he loves marry another. To secure her and Khial’s future, and fulfill the request of a dying Dain, Chanyn must become pregnant with an heir.

Can spoken vows trump the truth in their hearts?

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Excerpt: Three small gems winked back at Khial in mockery when he looked down at the band on his finger. There was his family stone, the sapphire. The stone meant loyalty to family and healthy relationships. Khial clenched his fists so he wouldn’t wrench the lie off his finger. The band bit into his hand.

His thumb traced over the ruby. The feel of Dain’s stone instantly calmed him. The red stone was a promise that Khial never felt necessary to publicize. Between the lie, and the promise, sat the sparkling diamond that represented their wife.

Khial was married. To the man he’d pledged his life to as a boy, and to a woman he barely knew as a man.

The last two days he and Chanyn had been cordial. Their goals were in alignment, with each nursing Dain back to health. Thumbing their noses at his weak organ, willing Dain’s heart to keep beating just as his mother and fathers had kept it beating with only the force of their love. Khial believed that he and Chanyn could do the same for him.

Today, Dain looked the picture of health. A perspiring picture of health. An anxious picture of health.A slightly trembling picture of health.

“You don’t have to do this,” Khial said.

Dain wiped the sweat from his brow with a clenched fist and thrust up his chin. Khial sighed at the stubbornness of his mate, his husband. He sighed to keep from laughing. The action brought to mind a young Dain fearful of jumping off a cliff into a stream of water.

“You don’t have to do this,” Khial had yelled up at him then, while he tread water below the cliff.

The younger Dain had thrust his chin out in the same way as his older self. He’d taken a deep breath, and jumped. At the bottom, in the cool water, the two had laughed and splashed each other. It had been a high jump and not the best of dares for a sickly child. But Khial knew that if Dain had hurt himself on the fall, he would have been right there to catch him. Khial would always be there to catch Dain.

They stood before the marital suite once occupied by Dain’s parents. They’d never used this room. Dain’s rooms were large enough to suite them both. But, now that there were three of them…

Dain reached out a hand to Khial’s shoulder. “You have been a part of my family for as long as I can remember. Just as my parents embraced you, I need you to embrace her. She is a part of our family now.”

Khial looked into those green eyes that he woke up to every morning, and the last thing he saw before he went to sleep each night. Dain was healthy. He would stay healthy. Khial had to admit that part of Dain’s recovery was due to Chanyn. With her second pair of hands added to his, Dain recovered in half the time. That fact should have made Khial bitter, but it didn’t. It couldn’t, when he looked into Dain’s healthy, determined face. Khial felt nothing but gratitude for Chanyn’s care and help.

“I’ll embrace her as family,” Khial acquiesced, “but not as anything else.”

Khial passed in front of Dain, anxious to get this night over. He was not enthused about watching his lover make love to another person. At least that’s what he told himself. His dick, on the other hand, throbbed at the thoughts he refused to have about the ordeal. He refused to remember Chanyn’s glistening skin, her chocolate dipped nipples, her parted lips…

Khial turned the handle.

On the other side of the door, Chanyn sat on the bed, fully clothed, though the silk covering her was scant. Alongside her sat the monk. When Khial opened the door, he spied their entwined hands, heads bent together in an intimate conversation. At Khial’s entrance, the monk’s fingers loosened on Chanyn’s, but as his eyes connected with Khial’s, Khial saw the monk change his mind. He re-clasped his hands with Chanyn’s and brought them both to standing. They looked like a united front.

For a moment, Khial wondered if the monk was going to go back on his word. Were they about to tell Khial and Dain that they were running away together?

Dain came in behind Khial.

The monk released one of Chanyn’s hands and bowed to both Dain and Khial. “Greetings, my lords, and felicitations on your bonding.”

Khial followed Dain’s eyes to the entwined hands of their wife and the monk, but Dain didn’t say anything about it. “Thank you, Brother Jian. Is our lady prepared?”

After his grand speech just a moment ago, Khial heard the nervousness return to Dain’s voice. Khial glanced over at Chanyn. He saw a tremble in her free hand. It appeared the only two people in the room who weren’t trembling or nervous were Khial and the monk.

“We are ready, my lord,” the monk spoke for Chanyn. “Will you join us in prayer?” The monk reached a hand towards Dain. Dain stepped up and took it.

They all looked expectantly at Khial. He looked at the circle of people: the man he loved, his wife, and the man she loved.

“I won’t be joining in,” said Khial. He went to the window, turning his back to the whole affair. The joke was on him. He could clearly see them all in the glass’ reflection. Khial stood on the outside looking in as Dain and Chanyn clasped hands with the monk and closed the circle.

The monk began his prayer.

“Maternal Goddess, I seek your presence as I align myself with one of your sacred daughters.

I offer my body as a vessel of your will and your grace.

The desire of my heart is pure and known to you.

I wish to please your daughter and garner your favor.

The miracle that pleases a woman and creates life is of your design, Divine Goddess.

With great anticipation, I align all of the energy systems of my body, my soul, and my mind with you.

I give thanks in advance for your blessings of this experience and know that I walk in the light of your sun and the fertility of your earth.


“Ashe,” intoned Chanyn and Dain.

They stood silently, eyes closed, heads bowed in meditation. Then the monk took Chanyn’s hand and moved her towards the bed. The monk’s back was to Dain so he couldn’t see the questioning look he gave Chanyn. From the reflection of the glass, Khial saw Chanyn answer the monk with a trusting nod.

The monk pulled the ties of her gown and the material fell to the ground. Khial heard Dain gasp. Khial had seen Chanyn before, but still his fingers gripped the windowsill as he beheld her once more. She’d been sitting the last time Khial saw her so he hadn’t seen how perfectly proportioned she was. Large breasts, small waist, flaring hips and the triangle of curls below her navel.Khial had to swallow many times. His dick throbbed, begging him to turn around.

Khial closed his eyes and heard the bed creak indicating Chanyn climbed aboard.

“No, no,” came the monk’s gentle voice. “Do not disrobe just yet, my lord. We must prepare her.”

“I thought you said she was ready?” Dain’s voice was husky.

“I said she is prepared, my lord. We have to make her ready. A man may become aroused in an instant. That is not so with a woman. Come, let me show you.”

Khial’s senses were so aware that he heard Dain move closer to the bed. A moment later, he heard Chanyn’s small sigh.

“You’re doing very well, my lord,” encouraged the monk. “Only, a woman needs a slower, lighter touch. Like this.”

Chanyn let out something between a groan and a sigh. Khial could take it no longer. He opened his eyes and gaped at the reflection in the window.

Chanyn lay on the bed, Dain and the monk on either side of her, their hands gliding over her body. Khial saw Chanyn undulating under their touch. He clenched his hands once more.

The monk’s eyes roamed over and caught Khial’s eyes in the glass. The monk held Khial there as he continued moving his hands over Chanyn’s body. Khial looked away from the monk’s eyes and followed his hands as they went over Chanyn’s breasts. Then Khial’s eyes went back to the monk. The monk still looked at Khial’s reflection in the window. He said nothing, his face a mask of serenity.

“Now you may disrobe, my lord.”

Khial’s hand slipped off the window ledge from all the sweat gathered on his palm. The monk tore his gaze from Khial and his eyes landed on Dain. It had to be Khial’s imagination. The monk did not just smirk at Khial before turning his serene face to Dain.

Dain straightened, his fingers trembling once more.

Dain made quick work of his clothes and then stood before both Chanyn and the monk in all his naked glory. The throbbing of Khial’s dick became nearly unbearable now.

The monk slid behind Chanyn, sitting her up and cradling her in his arms. Khial saw him smile down at her, the look both supportive and an acknowledgement of love. It was that exchange, and not the fact that his bond mate and wife stood naked preparing to couple, that made Khial feel like a voyeur. He nearly looked away, but when Dain climbed on the bed and between Chanyn’s thighs, Khial had had enough.

He turned around.


Author BioAbout the Author: Ines writes books for strong women who suck at love. If you rocked out to the twisted triangle of Jem, Jericha, and Rio as a girl; if you were slayed by vampires with souls alongside Buffy; if you need your scandalous fix from Olivia Pope each week, then you’ll love her books!

Aside from being a writer, professional reader, and teacher, Ines is a very bad Buddhist. She sits in sangha each week, and while others are meditating and getting their zen on, she’s contemplating how to use the teachings to strengthen her plots and character motivations.

Ines lives outside Washington, DC with her two little sidekicks who are growing up way too fast.

Social Media Links: Website | Goodreads | Facebook | Twitter | Book Trailer


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