4 Stars, Anthology, Reviewed by Lana, Totally Bound

Review: What’s His Passion – An Anthology From Totally Bound

Title: What’s His Passion?

Author: Anthology

Publisher: Totally Bound

Pages/Word Count: 367 Pages

Rating: 4 Stars Overall

Blurb: Explore our contemporary collection of men and their passions.

We all have our passions—whether they’re simple pleasures like fine wine and good music, or more ambitious like climbing mountains or jumping out of airplanes. It might even be revelling in the edgier side of sex!

Dive in and discover the many passions of the amorous men explored in our new imprint—What’s His Passion?


Review: I like reading anthologies because it’s a great way to sample different authors. Sometimes the selection is great and sometimes not so much. What’s His Passion? delivered on some and not on others. The stories here were a mix of a man’s love of something and someone. Most of these were ok and didn’t move me at all save for one. Picturing Lysander by LM Somerton was the exception to the rule. It ticked all my boxes in the “this is a great” story department. I will definitely be on the lookout for more from this author.

Picturing Lysander is a hot little story that needed to be much, much longer. The writing was exceptional and the story flowed without any snags. The plot was a variation on a theme that I’ve read before but that I enjoy never the less.

Kyle works for a spy agency, and they need Lysander to take pictures of some foreign government installations. Lysander is a photographer and an adrenaline junkie. Kyle uses unusual ways to make Lysander cooperate, fun ways for sure, but there is dubious consent because Kyle gets a little rough. So, if you’re not into a little domination, be forewarned.

The interaction between the two is off the charts. For a short story, the characters where nicely developed, which doesn’t always happen. Their banter was fun to read and ramped up the sexual tension between the two. They have been added to my list of favorite couples. They had the couple dynamic that I love reading about, and I would have loved to have gotten more background on them, so if the author is reading this, please, please make this little gem into a full length book.

What’s His Passion? is a collection that didn’t spark passion in me, except for Picturing Lysander, and for that it’s worth a read.

You can buy What’s His Passion? here:

All Romance eBooks

All Romance eBooks


4 thoughts on “Review: What’s His Passion – An Anthology From Totally Bound

  1. *hugs Lisa* – so glad you liked Kyle and Lysander! There will be a full length follow up (it’s my WIP so I’d better get a move on), which takes the boys on their adventure to Colombia. I don’t have a date yet, and I’m notoriously slow, but it is on the way. Promise.

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