5 Stars, Andrew Grey, Audio Book, Dreamspinner Press, Genre Romance, Reviewed by Kathie

Audio Review: The Fight Within by Andrew Grey – Narrated by Andrew McFerrin

Title: The Fight Within

Author: Andrew Grey

Narrator:: Andrew McFerrin

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Run Time: 7 Hours, 7 Minutes

At a Glance: Andrew Grey writes the stories and Andrew McFerrin bring them to life

Blurb: Bryce Morton needs a change of scenery. Since his partner’s death a year ago, he’s become withdrawn and quiet, so his friends, Jerry Lincoln and Akecheta (John) Black Raven, convince him to go camping with them on a Sioux reservation. Though he’s not immediately sure he’s done the right thing, Bryce becomes more interested when he meets Paytah, the man who owns the reservation’s trading post.

Paytah Stillwater’s life is filled with hurt, and sometimes the only thing he has left is pride. After being abused as a child and disbelieved when he spoke up, he has withdrawn into himself-but he can never truly put his past behind him, because the source of his pain still lives on the reservation. Paytah is proud of his heritage and careful with his heart, but when Bryce commits a selfless act of kindness for one of the reservation’s children, the walls around Paytah’s heart begin to melt.

Bryce and Paytah each fight the pain within them. When Paytah’s abuser sets his sights on one of the reservation youngsters, Bryce and Paytah must set their individual fights aside. Finding a way to stop the abuser unites them to fight their way forward-together.


Review: What a great partnership, Andrew Grey writes the stories and Andrew McFerrin bring them to life.

Why did I buy this book? Because it’s a male/male romance written by one of the best authors in the genre. Why did I buy the audio? It was a no brainer. As a matter of fact, when I saw the audio was available I did a little happy dance. I am really not the type to do happy dances, so you know it must be good.

Andrew McFerrin again does a great job narrating this story. His gift is that he has the ability to develop each characters’ personality with his voice. Paytah’s life has been filled with disappointments; you can hear it in his voice, not just his words. Bryce has also withdrawn from the world, trying to cope with the loss of his partner. Bryce’s voice grows stronger as he learns to trust and fall in love again. The sadness is there in the beginning, and the happiness is there in the end. And let’s not forget Mr. Grantham. You can hear the sneer in his voice, the snake in the grass whine. Oh, I wanted to stomp on that man’s foot.

Andrew Grey writes romance, and does a great job, but sometimes he plants a seed in his books, a seed of awareness. The message I personally got from this audio is: I celebrate the Native American culture by buying the trinkets, being a tourist, and going to their casinos. These are all good intentions, but how about the next time I travel, instead of buying the trinkets made in China, I buy a basket made in South Dakota or a bracelet made by one of the craftsman who have rented a booth at Crazy Horse Monument. Who will benefit from this purchase? Me, of course, and maybe a small child named Wamblee.

You can buy The Fight Within here:




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