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Guest Post and Excerpt: The Porter’s Reaper Blog Tour With Amber Kell

AmberKell_Porter's Reaper_BlogTour_WebBanner_finalThank you for allowing me to come and talk here at The Novel Approach.

What is it about magic that captures the imagination? Why do so many people enjoy reading about impossible realities with improbable situations? I like to think it’s the joy of what if? I play it a lot with my kids. A strange hole in the ground? What if a troll lived there? An odd indentation? Could be a giant’s footprint. I’ve always enjoyed the idea of the impossible and bringing them to life in a practical everyday situation. When I start a story it always begin with what if?

What if the hot cowboy fell in love with a cook or the cat shifter met the one person who completed him? What if it took place in space or in an alternative world? What ifs create stepping stones of my fictional worldsand with each answer a step is taken and a story is created.

I love stories. I don’t even have to write them. Most writers are word lovers first, people who enjoy the connection of each word to its friend until sentence after sentence is formed and a story unfolds to our eager eyes.

I write to share my love of storytelling. I’m thrilled that some people enjoy reading my books and the impossible scenarios that drift through my random mind. This time I’m sharing the story Porter’s Reaper -of Alstair, one of Hades’s Reapers and his love interest Porter who was a ghost in Elijah’s Ghost. I enjoyed Alstair’s character, a tough man who couldn’t resist the allure of an innocent ghost turned to flesh.


Excerpt from Porter’s Reaper:

He reached their appointed location and spotted Alstair leaning against the wall. The Reaper oozed power, influencing the flow of walkers to move around him—one demon even grabbed his friend who had stepped too close to Alstair and yanked him away. Porter never understood the fear some demons had for Alstair. Porter hadn’t heard any stories about Alstair being anything more than Hades’ right-hand man, but maybe that was enough to scare the others. The God of the Underworld didn’t suffer fools gladly and neither did his Reapers. He’d heard Alstair was the strongest of them all because he’d been around the longest. Maybe seniority had its perks.

“Ready?” Alstair asked when Porter neared. He raised an eyebrow when he caught sight of the kitten but didn’t say anything. He had said Porter could bring him along.

“Yes, Hades provided me with a pack.” He lifted the shoulder he’d propped the pack onto. “I’m sure he included lots of lube.” Alstair smirked.

Porter laughed, sounding more nervous than amused to his own ears. “How did you know that?”

“Hades is an eternal optimist. He’s always hoping people will get laid. I heard Persephone cut him off a year ago when he tried to seduce a nymph. Since then he’s become well acquainted with his hand. I think he’s hoping his subjects will at least get some of the sex he’s missing.”

“I’m sorry I asked.” Heat burned Porter’s cheeks. Even after a year in the Underworld, he hadn’t become accustomed to their open ways concerning sex. He hoped Alstair didn’t laugh when he tried to seduce him. No doubt he’d look more like an idiot than a potential love interest. A quick flickered gaze over Alstair firmed his resolve along with the rest of his body. Yeah, it would be worth a bit of humiliation for the chance to be in Alstair’s bed.

Alstair laughed and patted Porter on the back. “Come on. I didn’t mean to scar you for life. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to.”

Which just proved Alstair had no mindreading skills, if he didn’t know Porter dreamed about seducing the Reaper.

“I know. I’ve just never had anyone that interested in my sex life.” If that didn’t give Alstair ideas, he would hang up his seduction hat.

Alstair’s mouth curled up in a sexy smile. “I find that very difficult to believe. I’m sure more guys are interested in your sex life than you think. Assuming you are interested in men. I don’t like to assume.”

Porter licked his dry lips and locked his gaze with Alstair’s. “Very interested.”

Heat sizzled between them and not all of it caused by the flaming river winding alongside the walkway.


Blurb for Porter’s ReaperThis is book five in the A Wizard’s Touch series, see the full series listing here

Death is a minor inconvenience in the path to true love.

When the God of the Underworld sends Alstair back to the Academy to help pick out a new headmaster, he doesn’t mention he put Alstair in for the job. Angered but willing to keep his word, Alstair discovers the headmaster position comes with more knots of deception than a sailor’s rope.

Porter Exton had a crush on Alstair. He’d watched Alstair train Elijah through the window and had spent more than one night dreaming of the Reaper. However, dreams were set aside in order to discover the truth about his death and if the man who killed him is responsible for the other deaths at the school.

Two men with different backgrounds need to discover what they have in common if they hope to save themselves from plotting gods, egomaniacs and possible killers.

Like the sound of Porter’s Reaper? Buy it here.


Author BioAbout Amber Kell:

Amber Kell has made a career out of daydreaming. It has been a lifelong habit she practices diligently as shown by her complete lack of focus on anything not related to her fantasy world building.

When she told her husband what she wanted to do with her life he told her to go have fun.

During those seconds she isn’t writing she remembers she has children who humor her with games of ‘what if’ and let her drag them to foreign lands to gather inspiration. Her youngest confided in her that he wants to write because he longs for a website and an author name—two things apparently necessary to be a proper writer.

Despite her husband’s insistence she doesn’t drink enough to be a true literary genius she continues to spin stories of people falling happily in love and staying that way.

She is thwarted during the day by a traffic jam of cats on the stairway and a puppy who insists on walks, but she bravely perseveres.


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