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Guest Post and Giveaway: Deep Desire by Z.A. Maxfield

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The Novel Approach is thrilled to welcome author Z.A. Maxfield today on the Deep Desire blog tour. Enjoy what ZAM has to say about her vampires, then be sure to check out the great giveaway below.

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Hi! I’m Z.A. Maxfield, better known as ZAM. I want to extend my sincere thanks to The Novel Approach for helping me celebrate my latest release, Deep Desire, book one of The Deep Series.

These books have been edited. They’ve been retitled. There are new, cool covers. They’ll be available simultaneously in ebook and print.

Things that I never realized about vampires!

When I started thinking about writing a vampire novel, I had to ask myself a lot of questions. What would my vampires be like? What would they care about? How would they dress and act? Would the world be aware of their existence? Would they have lost their humanity or retained some sense of who they were?

All of this falls under the category of World Building, which, when you’re very new to writing…can sometimes be problematic. On the one hand, you really want your vampires to be different from everyone else’s. On the other, you don’t necessarily want them to sparkle.

And then there’s the physiology of vampires. Do they have to make themselves breathe when they want to talk? What about circulation? If the heart doesn’t beat, there can’t be circulation, and if not, how do they—er—do that thing we love to read about in erotic romance…?

Because without a blood supply…This could be problematic!

At some point, I had to accept that my vampire stories are more about humanity and loneliness. About living so long you lose everyone you care about. They’re about an insatiable hunger, and not simply for food. In the end, I chose to make the story more of an emotional journey, than a scientific one.


deep-desireBlurb: As the Indiana Jones of historical erotica, there is no document existing—or just rumored to exist—Adin Tredeger can’t unearth. Why he would risk the biggest coup of his career to join the mile-high club is beyond him. But the disarming, dark-eyed man who somehow enters Adin’s locked airplane washroom has him completely nude and coming apart. All without a whimper of protest.

From that moment, Adin and Donte Fedelta engage in an international battle of wit and cunning. The prize—a priceless, 500-year-old journal with illustrations so erotic it could make the Marquis de Sade blush.

Yet Donte’s desire for the journal goes far beyond simple possession. The undead nobleman wrote it. And he’s not above using every trick in his otherworldly arsenal—including seduction—to get it back.

Chemistry draws them together even as fortune tugs them apart. But when a third party joins the chase, they must unite to fight an enemy with a deadly goal—to erase Donte from history.

This book is a rerelease of a previously published book, with substantial rewrites.

Warning: This product contains one cocky college professor, one centuries-old vampire who is out to show him who’s at the top of the food chain, and red wine. Because it goes so well with humble pie.

Buy Links: Samhain Publishing | Amazon US | All Romance eBooks | Barnes & Noble


Here’s a snippet:

As usual, Vin was packed; even late at night, a crowd thronged the bar. Adin figured they’d have to wait for a table, but Donte turned on the full power of his charm and the electrified host sat them at a lovely, private table immediately. Adin noticed others staring hard in their direction, no doubt wondering who they were that they got the star treatment. Adin shrugged, and Donte took it as his personal due, nodding regally at those who gazed at him.

“Noblesse oblige?” asked Adin.

“It never hurts to be kind, Adin.”

“Said the aristocrat vampire pornographer.” They sat in silence until it was time to order wine.

“Hartford Court Pinot Noir 2005,” Donte told the sommelier. “If you have it.”

“We do,” the man said. “A good choice.”

Donte returned his attention to Adin. “He’s thinking, ‘not an excellent choice,’ and wondering why I would order a small California wine here, in a restaurant famous for its cellar.”

“So, you read minds?”

“No, I read faces. And to be honest, they are all beginning to look remarkably similar. It puts me in rather a quandary. For instance, how much of my attraction to you is because of you, and how much is because you remind me of a certain French portrait artist named Gilbert who completely rocked my world during la Terreur?”

“I can see the dilemma.”

“Can you? Do I remind you of anyone?” Donte asked idly.

“No, Donte,” Adin admitted. “You are like no one I’ve ever known in my life.”

The wine arrived, and the sommelier enacted the wine drama that never failed to make Adin wish he’d just ordered a Bushmills. Donte didn’t play along much, refusing the cork, then simply breathing in the aroma of the wine in the glass. “Fine.” He smiled. “Thank you.”

The sommelier retreated.

“This wine is delicious, but to be honest, I picked it because it goes very well with—and I hope you won’t take this wrong—you.”

“Ah.” Adin was almost speechless. “Well. I was going to order the roast pork.”

“Oh, that has a cherry sauce. You’ll find that dish goes with the wine as well, as there’s a complex cherry-berry note that comes right through. Taste it if you want. You’ll notice it right away.”

Adin lifted his glass and took a small sip. Donte was right. In its dry elegance, it had a definite note of cherry, and something indefinable and sweet, like winter food.

“It tastes like Christmas.”

“Ah, that’s the allspice. You noticed? You have a good palate.”

“Not really,” Adin demurred, absurdly pleased.


Vampire novels. Revamped. Here’s your New Title Cheat Sheet:

Original title            New Title
Notturno     Deep Desire coming Feb. 3 2015
Vigil             Deep Deception coming July
Matins         Deep Deliverance coming December


Z.A. MaxfieldAbout ZAM: Z.A. Maxfield started writing in 2007 on a dare from her children and never looked back. Pathologically disorganized, and perennially optimistic, she writes as much as she can, reads as much as she dares, and enjoys her time with family and friends. Three things reverberate throughout all her stories: Unconditional love, redemption, and the belief that miracles happen when we least expect them.

If anyone asks her how a wife and mother of four can find time for a writing career, she’ll answer, “It’s amazing what you can accomplish if you give up housework.”

Readers can visit ZAM at her website, Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr.


Giveaways ZAM will be running two giveaways for this tour! At the end of the tour, she will draw a winner from the comments section of each blog to win a copy of Deep Desire! There is also a tour-wide Rafflecoptor where readers can enter to win a $25 Amazon Gift Card.

Contest Begins: February 2, 2015
Contest Ends: February 10, 2015

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12 thoughts on “Guest Post and Giveaway: Deep Desire by Z.A. Maxfield

  1. wiccachic2000 says:

    Looking forward to being able to move on with my life without too many hard decisions needing to be made. Looking forward to being close to what remains of my family (family drawing closer together in the face of tragedy). Looking forward to successfully pulling myself out of debt.


  2. Dreamy says:

    Thank you for this post and giveaway. I’m looking forward to complete College and finally start the next chapter of my life. My life has always been tough and maybe this year will be the great one for me.


  3. Waxapplelover says:

    Great post. One of the best things about books with paranormal characters (ie shifters, vampires) is that the authors can decide just what qualities they want the chracters to have. For instance, does the vampire die when in sun, or just burn then die? How are they made? Or can they be born? So many details, but it really makes things interesting for the reader. :)


  4. susana says:

    I’m looking forward to my summer holidays. I miss the sun. I always miss the sun in winter…
    Congratulations on the new release. Sounds great!


  5. Jen CW says:

    I’m looking forward to a vacation without a child for the first time in 4 years. Of course, I’ll probably miss him in the first day or two. :-) Thanks for the great post and giveaway.


  6. Often people wish for immortality and Donte is living that life and is lonely, he lover lost many centuries ago and you can only hope that maybe he will find happiness and a new partner… as you can sense that loneliness and disillusionment in this extract.

    Thank you for the giveaway


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