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Review: The Moonwar: The Beginning by Ora Le Brocq

Title: The Moonwar: The Beginning

Author: Ora Le Brocq

Publisher: eXtasy Books

Pages/Word Count: 56 Pages

At a Glance: It’d be interesting to see where the series takes us, for sure, though I hope the next installment offers us something more.

Reviewed By: Rena

Blurb: Can two young men find love against the horrific outbreak of the Moon War? Will they even survive the first attack by an unseen, unknown alien foe?

The landlord’s son of the Fox and Grapes welcomes everyone with a cheerful smile and good service, but when William meets Professor Ethan Wanstead, his service becomes far more intimate.

Unfortunately, William doesn’t know that Ethan has a hidden agenda. Ethan knows that the Earth is in danger, for this is the start of the Moon War. Ethan may be the planet’s only hope, so it is unfortunate that he is suddenly experiencing a whole new world of physical and emotional pleasure with William…


Review: “The Moon War” is one of those stories that I wish I could talk about in more detail but really can’t because it’s not only very short in length, it’s also very short in plot and content. At around 12K words, most of that isn’t even spent in the establishing of the events noted in the blurb, but on two concurrent sex scenes.

And it’s a shame. When I read the blurb the first time around, I was absolutely intrigued by the concept of moon wars and Ethan’s mysterious role. I was hoping that the book took the time to lay out the foundation – however lightly – for future installments of the series, but unfortunately the instant attraction between William and Ethan turned into the book’s focal point, followed by Oz’s somewhat hilarious romp in the hay (literally).

By the time things begin to happen, we only get a glimpse of a catastrophe and Ethan’s frantic claims about someone trying to destroy the moon with a tachyon beam. On one hand, we’re left with a cliffhanger of sorts, but on the other hand, I found it difficult caring for the characters considering how little we’re given insofar as the context of danger is concerned. While Will and Ethan appear to be a lovely couple, and Oz is a humorous scoundrel-sidekick type of character, there’s still not much to hang anything on when it comes to characterization.

It’d be interesting to see where the series takes us, for sure, though I hope the next installment offers us something more. And as a final note, this book is Ora Le Brocq’s first attempt at writing M/M, having established herself as a writer of erotic het fiction. The sex scenes are well-written, for sure, and do her much credit for her first effort.

You can buy The Moonwar: The Beginning here:

eXtasy Books

eXtasy Books


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