5 Stars, B.G. Thomas, Dreamspinner Press, Genre Romance, Reviewed by Janet

Review: Red by B.G. Thomas

Title: Red

Author: BG Thomas

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Pages/Word Count: 90 Pages

At a Glance: If you are familiar with BG Thomas, then you will love this book!

Reviewed By: Janet

Blurb: Leslie “Red” Parks was pretty surprised to find he was considered attractive enough to be a male escort. And once he started and the money came rolling in, he found he didn’t want to stop. For the first time in his life, people truly want him, and he likes that. A lot.

Kirk Toliver has never thought of himself as desirable either—which is why he is single. That, and he has spent years of his life caring for his ill mother. Before she passed away, she made him promise he would splurge on something crazy with the money she left him. So what’s crazier than hiring a male escort?

But neither expected that one night together could lead to what was missing in both their lives.


Review: Reading this story was so enjoyable on several levels. I have grown to love the tone that Mr. Thomas infuses into his work; energy and excitement literally shimmer on every page. He is a very talented storyteller and always has little gems that are explored in his stories but that we don’t see clearly until the very end of the book.

Red is a male escort, attractive and assured. That is the persona his new client, Kirk, has lusted after. We quickly realize that Red is playing a role, the real person he is has been covered up by his own insecurities for several years. Kirk is a stodgy type of man, not polished, and fairly shy as well. It is his niceness that gets to Red, and it leads to his realization that he is more than an escort and maybe worthy of a friendship. We are carried along with the characters as they spend time together, go on dates and start to rely on the companionship that develops between them. What is really neat is that we are as surprised as Red is to discover that they are boyfriends! They spark new growth in each other, lending their own strengths to each other as they create a loving relationship.

The characters are very well fleshed out; their interactions together and with friends add depth to their personalities. The author uses alternating points of view skillfully, there is no confusion for the reader, and the narration is clear throughout the story. There is a lot of detail to process for a novella, a lot of information to relay over a lessor amount of pages, and BG gives us a rich story that does not overwhelm us. The pace and flow of the story is seamless. There are no plot holes or dangling bits to jar us from the enjoyment of the story.

This story ends with both Red and Kirk recognising their own worth, and knowing that they truly appeal to one another. The lesson about appreciation is another aspect of BG Thomas’s writing that I really enjoy. He really does have a moral to his stories. I urge you all to give this hot, sweet and poignant story a read. If you are familiar with BG Thomas, then you will love this book! And if he is a new author for you, then this is a wonderful introduction to his work.

You can buy Red here:

All Romance eBooks

All Romance eBooks


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