5 Stars, Avril Ashton, Genre Romance, Reviewed by Lisa

Review: (Watch Me) Body You by Avril Ashton

Title: (Watch Me) Body You (Run This Town: Book Two)

Author: Avril Ashton

Publisher: Sinner’s Haven Publishing

Pages/Word Count: 299 Pages

At a Glance: (Watch Me) Body You is a tour de force of erotic tension and raw emotion.

Reviewed By: Lisa

Blurb: Denial only lasts so long…eventually the heart wins out.

What if loving him…

After recent events that had his life flashing before his eyes, Israel Storm is re-evaluating everything. His friends. His priorities. What’s not going to change is the deep connection he’s developed with Reggie Turner. They’re comfortable with each other, partners in crime with no qualms about sharing women. Whatever Is needs, Reggie is the one he calls. Their bond can survive anything. But maybe not the kiss Reggie plants on him out of nowhere.

Means losing him?

Despite what Is thinks, that kiss came from somewhere. An un-named current has been flowing between them for months. Reggie doesn’t bat for his own team, but the more time he spends with Is, seeing past the rough façade of the man leading The Rude Boys, the more Reggie loses sight of labels and where he fits. All he knows is there’s something there, something Is will never acknowledge. One kiss leads to a punch that lands Reggie in the ER, and sends Is digging through his darkest memories in search of himself.

Friendship is all that’s left if they bury the truth. If they ignore the pull that makes it impossible to do anything other than fight. But denials can be exhausting and hiding isn’t working, not when everyone can clearly see your heart’s desire. An enemy is out to make an example of Is and his weapon of choice will leave this Rude Boy bloodied…and bodied.


Review: Contradiction – a killer who doesn’t like blood. A man who falls in love with his best friend but can’t possibly love another man. A man who doesn’t do relationships but suddenly wants nothing more than to be in one with the man he can’t allow himself to love. Israel Storm is logical incongruity personified.

Not quite as gritty as (Watch Me) Break You but no less exceptional, Avril Ashton’s (Watch Me) Body You is a tour de force of erotic tension and raw emotion between Israel and Reggie Turner, the man who’s been like a brother to Is since the moment they met and became nearly inseparable. These men live dangerous lives in a brutal environment, and through it all, Reggie has had Israel’s back, shared Israel’s women, but lately there’s been an undercurrent running through their bond, an unspeakable desire that is threatening to break them emotionally. They are circumspect because giving in isn’t an option, but the tipping point comes when Reggie begins to see through Israel’s facade.

Ashton’s building of the intimacy between these two men is tangible in its intensity. They have no secrets from each other, save for the most important one which threatens to tear them apart. The denial of their attraction builds to its limits, and once they finally give in to it, it’s carnal and explosive. There’s no turning back after the floodgates have opened, and as a contrast to the conflict of X and Dima’s relationship happening after it began, the conflict in Israel and Reggie’s all happens before. Once they acknowledge and accept the love they have for each other, there’s no more need for denial, only acceptance.

The sexual fluidity of so many of the characters in these novels is the norm in the world the author has created. It allows for an openness and acceptance one wouldn’t expect as usual in the testosterone driven business in which they engage, but is believable in spite of that simply because of the strength of connections Ashton constructs. These are damaged men who become a bit less so once they find someone with whom to share their pain, and everything about them works because the feelings they have for each other are real and are manifested with so much heat and passion.

The storyline built within the romance, that of one of Israel’s insiders turning to betrayal as a means of revenge, works not so much in the strength of the mystery and its resolution but as a means of solidifying Israel’s resolve to love Reggie without fear or reservation and despite the fact it influences and informs the relationship between Reggie and his parents.

Israel and Reggie are solid and (Watch Me) Body You is a solid and well written love story.

You can buy (Watch Me) Body You here:

All Romance eBooks

All Romance eBooks


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