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Release Day Review: Infected: Paris by Andrea Speed

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Title: Infected: Paris

Author: Andrea Speed

Publisher: DSP Publications

Pages/Word Count: 120 Pages

At a Glance: This book is nothing less than a gift to the series’ faithful readers.

Reviewed By: Lisa

Blurb: In a world where a werecat virus has changed society, Roan McKichan, a born infected and ex-cop, works as a private detective trying to solve crimes involving other infecteds.

Roan is working a frustrating stalker case, with no shortage of suspects and little solid evidence, when he comes across a startling eyewitness living in his car across the street from the scene. A tiger-strain infected, the only one Roan’s ever met, Paris Lehane is a former Canadian golden boy who suffered a breakdown after becoming infected in college.

While Roan’s ex, Diego “Dee” Cole, warns against falling for the infected Paris, a man doomed to die, Roan struggles with his attraction and the knowledge that no happily ever after is possible for them.

But is the knowledge enough to discourage him from following his heart? Roan helps Paris out of homelessness, and maybe a special hospital can help Paris with the infection, but Roan’s got his hands full with this case, and there’s no end in sight.


Review: If you’re a fan of this series and have been following it from Book One, you’ve been waiting for Infected: Paris a long damn time. If you have yet to begin reading the Infected series, then consider yourself lucky because you get to start where it all began. And I have to say I almost envy you getting to experiences these books where it started for Roan McKichan and Paris Lehane. Almost…because this book is nothing less than a gift to the series’ faithful readers.

In a present day Seattle where werecats and humans grudgingly and not always peacefully co-exist, Roan, the ex-cop, now private investigator, is working a case involving the harassment of a woman who’s hired him to try and figure out who’s tormenting her. Andrea Speed has built this world around not only Roan’s investigative prowess but around the deadly virus that is nothing like the romanticized concept of shifters found in so much speculative fiction. The humans who’re infected with the werecat virus lose all trace of humanity in cat form. It isn’t always pretty, but it is always a rush to witness as a part of Roan’s evolution. What has happened as a complement to the mystery and Urban Fantasy of the world of the infected is that Speed has introduced a cast of characters for Roan to play off of who reveal him as a smartass, a non-conformist, a loyal friend and the guy you most want to have your back in a fight. And, perhaps most importantly, he is a survivor. Roan is nothing if not an anarchist of the law of probability that says he should be dead by now.

While these books are not romances in what some would consider the strictest definition of the M/M genre, make no mistake the relationship Roan and Paris built is nothing less than romantic simply because of its foreordained path, one that Andrea Speed adheres to without apology and without diverting from her own canon. In this book, though, rather than in hindsight, we get to see firsthand how Roan and Paris met, what brought them together and how Roan really stood no chance whatsoever against Paris’s infinite charms. And, for those of us who know of the life and home they built together, Infected: Paris is a poignant prologue to two men who found a home in each other in spite of the odds against them. It is a reminder of how much they truly love each other and how much they were willing to endure. And how, in the world Speed has created, you live fully or die trying because in this world, today may be all there is.

Before the heavy drugs, the debilitating headaches, before the virus child evolved into the hybrid he is today; before Holden and Dylan and the hockey team who has adopted Roan as friend and brother, there was a genesis to this world, and this is it. The guy who is a cynic about everything but loving and committing to one man begins here. For fans, it’s a 120 page love letter that comes down to the final page, final paragraph… and then we are reminded of what lies ahead.

And yes, I cried, so thanks for that again, Andrea Speed.

You can buy Infected: Paris here:

DSP Publications

DSP Publications


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