4.5 Stars, Dreamspinner Press, Genre Romance, HT Pantu, New Adult, Reviewed by Chris

Review: I Hate Summer by HT Pantu

Title: I Hate Summer

Author: HT Pantu

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Pages/Word Count: 264 Pages

At a Glance: I recommend this one for those who like new adult stories served by snarky, pretty boys, with a frenemies to lovers storyline.

Reviewed By: Chris

Blurb: Out since he was fourteen, Idrys grew up hating summer, mostly because of Trystan Jackson, the gorgeous eldest son of his parents’ holiday friends. After avoiding the joint holiday for five years, Idrys must now face Trystan again… or risk the wrath of his parents. Like Idrys, Trystan isn’t exactly the guy he was the last time they met, but Idrys has more to worry about than Trystan’s odd sleeping habits. He has to steel his—usually nonexistent—morals against the advances of the cute and innocent Josh, Trystan’s younger brother.

It’s only ten days, right? And afterward he doesn’t have to see either of them for another year.

If only it was that simple.

Two months after the holiday from hell, Trystan gets a last minute placement in the city where Idrys lives, and suddenly both brothers are back in Idrys’s life. Idrys is determined to carry on regardless, but sooner or later he might have to face the fact that summer doesn’t last forever.


Review: Summer is supposed to be your escape when you’re young. When your family spends it with people that taunt you, then it becomes something you no longer enjoy. Idrys Bjornson has come to hate summers with his family, and even though he still enjoys camping and the outdoors, he just can’t tolerate the Jackson boys any longer. So, he decides to take time away from their summer vacations.

Four years later, Ide is sucked into going back out on vacation with his family. For the most part he’s okay with it, until he finds out the Jackson family is there, too. This vacation ends up being more difficult than he expected, between sharing a tent with oldest son, Trystan, and the younger brother, Josh, totally crushing on Idrys. Ide just keeps telling himself it’s only a short time to get through and then he’ll not have to see them again for another year.

Unluckily for Idrys, a year turns into two months, with Trystan ending up looking for a place to live in the same town Ide is working. These two love to hate each other, until they end up lusting over each other. Even then, they’re snarky and bitchy to each other.

I actually enjoyed the snarky banter between these two because to me, it was totally about sexual tension. Even when it seemed like they hated each other, it was that fine line of hate=love. And they played it off well, even if sometimes it did fall on the hurtful line instead of just teasing banter. The sex was off the charts hot between these two young men, and I literally cheered for them to figure out that they really did like each other.

I will admit the younger brother Josh having a major hard on (literally) for Idrys was a little bit much, but I think that’s because he seemed less mature than Ide and Trystan. I just didn’t see a connection with Josh and Idrys, not like the one with him and Trystan. The story was well written, it wasn’t rushed, didn’t down play any of the characters feelings, and had good supporting secondary characters.

Idrys is a character some will love, and some will definitely not enjoy, but that’s what makes each character stand out. Ide and Trys are both those types of characters—Ide just tends to use his modeling as a shield to keep people away. I will give the heads up to readers that the publisher has this labeled as a m/m/m and more. At the start of the book, neither are in a relationship together, but both are in, or have been in relationships, or have sex with others prior to getting together. There isn’t any threesome action for those who do not enjoy that type of storyline.

I thoroughly enjoyed I Hate Summer and I look forward to other books by this author in the future. I recommend this one for those who like new adult stories served by snarky, pretty boys, with a frenemies to lovers storyline.

You can buy I Hate Summer here:

All Romance eBooks

All Romance eBooks


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