5 Stars, Genre Romance, Keira Andrews, Reviewed by Jules, Self-Published

Review: A Way Home by Keira Andrews

Title: A Way Home (Gay Amish Romance: Book Three)

Author: Keira Andrews

Publisher: Self-Published

Pages/Word Count: 210 Pages

At a Glance: If you’ve been waiting for things to be wrapped up before starting the books, then it’s time to dive in!!

Reviewed By: Jules

Blurb: Will returning to their Amish roots renew their faith in each other?

Isaac and David never thought they’d go back to the Amish world. But when Isaac’s younger brother is stricken with cancer, they don’t hesitate to return. Their relationship is on the rocks after insecurity and fear drove a wedge between them in San Francisco, and David is determined to make things right. Yet if they thought navigating “English” life was confusing, being back in Zebulon is even more complicated.

Their families are desperate to bring them back into the fold, and pressure from the community builds. Isaac and David yearn for a future together, but each day it becomes harder to hide the truth about who they really are. They’re caught between two worlds, and if they’re not careful it could tear them further apart.

Can Isaac and David make their way back to each other—and find a place to call home?


Review: “Love counts for a lot, but you need a heck of a lot of patience and grit too.”

As sad as I am to see this beautiful trilogy come to an end, I am extremely satisfied with the way Keira Andrews left things. She covered everything I hoped would be touched on, and then some. At the end of A Clean Break, the fear was whether David and Isaac would work things out after all of their miscommunications and the incident at the club; and, of course, that issue is addressed immediately. Their love is so strong, though, I never doubted they’d be more than fine. The beauty to me in this book was everything else.

As we learned at the end of the second book, Isaac and Aaron’s younger brother, Nathan, is very sick with cancer, and in the hospital. The Byler brothers rush home to Minnesota to be with him, with David and Jen soon following. One of the best storylines in the book has to do with Aaron and what it’s like for him to return to his family after leaving the church and being shunned ten years ago. What we have seen of Aaron so far has been this smart, together, confident young man, but in A Way Home, we see an entirely different side of him. Every scene with him was pure gold. His uncertainty, his anger, his heartache at being blatantly ignored – even though he knew that would be the case – was so very heartbreaking and moving. I thought he was amazing already, but my love for him exploded in this book.

All of the secondary characters, in fact, were once again amazing. June. What can be said about this woman? Unwavering loyalty, support, friendship, love, and advice. She’s fantastic. Aaron’s wife Jen continues to be completely awesome, ready to take on the Bylers and everyone in Zebulon if need be. All of the siblings and friends of Isaac and David back home in the Amish community are just so real and heartwarming. The kids’ reactions to seeing Isaac, Aaron, and David again were perfect and priceless. And, Mervin has to get a special mention also. He really turned out to be such a good egg. I love how he came around, as much as he could, anyway, and let Isaac know how much he cared about him.

The moments with both of the guys and their families were so well written – all of their feelings and reactions and motivations were absolutely authentic, and you couldn’t help but be drawn in with them. One of the most wonderfully touching scenes in the entire story was a talk that Isaac has with his mom while she is out hanging clothes on the clothesline. We learn a bit about her as a girl, and her Rumspringa, about what it means to her to be Amish, and how much it hurt to lose Aaron. It allowed Isaac to understand her a bit more, but also gave him the opportunity to gently stand up to her and to show her what a strong man he is becoming.

Of course, I want to shout from the rooftops about the climax of the story, and how perfect the ending is…but, as always, I would never give anything away. I will say this, though…there are moments that will leave you speechless, moments that will have you cheering, and there will be tears. Lots of tears, if you’re a baby like me. I dubbed chapter fourteen as “the chapter of all the cries.”

It’s no secret that I love this series. I christened it #AmishAngst because these boys bring out all your feels. If you’ve been waiting for things to be wrapped up before starting the books, then it’s time to dive in!! But, even though we’re told this is the final book, I’m pretty sure that this isn’t really the last we’ll see of them. A little birdie told me that Isaac and David have more to say. ;)

You can buy A Way Home here:

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All Romance eBooks


One thought on “Review: A Way Home by Keira Andrews

  1. Karen Braund says:

    Jules, even your review made me tear up. This has been one of the best stories I’ve ever read. Can’t wait to get in and read the third book. Thank you Kiera Andrews for such a creation.

    Liked by 2 people

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