4 Stars, Audio Book, Dreamspinner Press, Genre Romance, Jena Wade, Narration Rating - 3 Stars, Reviewed by Amy

Audio Review: Technically Dating by Jena Wade – Narrated by John-Paul Barrel

Title: Technically Dating

Author: Jena Wade

Narrator:: John-Paul Barrel

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Run Time: 2 Hours, 18 Minutes

At a Glance: I really enjoyed the brief world Jena Wade weaves, but the narration definitely left me wanting more.

Reviewed By: Amy

Blurb: Meek and mild Bruce Collins decides to set aside his life in technical support for the evening and try a wild night on the town. Self-described nerd Bruce meets suave Westley Taylor at a club, but the night doesn’t go as planned. When they run into each other the next day, Bruce is determined to get the details right and finish what they started. Westley is impressed and invites Bruce on date after date. Bruce figures they’re technically dating and might even be in a relationship, until he accidentally overhears a phone message intended for Westley. Every aspect of their time together comes into question. Now, it’s time for Westley to set the facts straight.


Review: This is my first book by Jena Wade, and let me say that I thoroughly enjoyed this story. Who doesn’t love the geek and the cutie? This book starts out with Bruce meeting Wes in a club for a brief encounter.Their encounter is cut short by a phone call, and Wes thinks he will never see the sexy man again. The next day at Wes’s job as a concierge, he encounters a man who resembles the sexy, leather clad man from the night before, with the exception of his geeky appearance. After realizing Bruce is the same man from the previous night, Wes is intrigued, and they start a romance. Jena Wade builds a very sweet but awkward relationship that somewhat resembles her main character, Bruce.

From the adorkable Bruce to the sweet and friendly Wes, Wade writes depth hard to find in short stories. The reason I would give Technically Dating a 4 star rating and not a 5 was simple. The couple’s first few dates after Bruce leaves the hotel, the author uses a large time jump in the story. This normally wouldn’t bother me, but the story goes from a budding relationship between Wes and Bruce, to what seems like a relationship with patterns that are implied not shown. With that exception, I truly enjoyed this story and am definitely going to seek this author out again.

Narration: One of the main things a narrator of an audiobook needs to be able to do is define each character with a different version of his voice. I had an extremely hard time telling the characters apart, and had to rewind several times to understand who was saying what. The narrator also pronounced things phonetically. This is wonderful when reciting Shakespeare; unfortunately, it isn’t wonderful when you are hearing a sex scene. I really enjoyed the brief world Jena Wade weaves, but the narration definitely left me wanting more.


You can buy Technically Dating here:




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