4 Stars, Genre Romance, Interlude Press, Lilah Suzanne, Reviewed by Lisa

Review: Spice by Lilah Suzanne

Title: Spice

Author: Lilah Suzanne

Publisher: Interlude Press

Pages/Word Count: 225 Pages

At a Glance: Spice is low on the angst meter, high on the delightful, with an unapologetic promise of happily-ever-after for its two heroes.

Reviewed By: Lisa

Blurb: As writer of the popular sex advice column, Simon Beck has an answer to every relationship question his readers can throw at him. When it comes to his own life, the answers are a little more elusive—until computer troubles introduce him to the newest and cutest member of his company’s IT support team.

Simon may be charmed by Benji’s sweet and unassuming manner, but will he find the answer to the one relationship question he has never been able to solve: How to know when he’s met Mr. Right?


Review: Lilah Suzanne’s Spice is an adorable meet-cute of a love story: fresh, funny, romantic and touching. This is a character driven novel, sweet and simple, about finding Mr. Right; though almost missing him because Mr. Wrong consumes an excess of energy in just trying to figure out how to turn him into a tolerable Mr. Passable.

There’s a bit of a “there are none so blind…” bent to Spice, Simon Beck playing the man who gives women advice on everything from sex to body image issues, but when it comes to his own love life, can’t seem to suss out what the real thing looks and feels like…until he nearly lets the nerdy-sexy IT guy, Benji McHugh, slip through his fingers. Which would have been a tragedy because while Benji may not use words for a living the way Simon does, when he says the right thing…boy, does it count.

Through his advice columns for Ravish magazine, Simon begins to examine and share the building of his relationship with his readers. Hands-on sex tips come in really, well, handy, especially when the test subject curls his toes and is willing to play along. And believe me when I say Simon and Benji keep the mag supplied with plenty of juicy material. On top of being romantic, this novel is also sexy, and Simon and Benji are seriously playful and playfully serious about the business of falling for each other. These two characters are chock full of charm, even if Simon is a bit obtuse at times, but on the plus side, Benji is the equilibrium to Simon’s skittishness when he begins to question whether what he and Benji have is real.

Spice is low on the angst meter, high on the delightful, with an unapologetic promise of happily-ever-after for its two heroes. When push comes to shove, these two men communicate with each other, don’t hide things for the other’s own good, and while the message is that every day and everything won’t be fireworks and excitement, the takeaway is when you’re with someone you not only love but like, you’ve found someone worth fighting for.

The one detractor for some readers might be this story is narrated in the third person present tense, which takes some getting used to, but it’s bright and breezy, filled with hope and optimism. The antagonist in the story is also built up to be a bit of a troublemaker, but then fades to black and disappears without being half the threat I expected him to be, but those things aside, I’ll end by saying when you’re in the mood for something sweet and a little sassy, Lilah Suzanne has offered that to readers, and has done so in a couple of guys who charmed the pants right off of each other. And we get to watch.


You can buy Spice here:

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Barnes & Noble


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