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Audio Review: Better Than Friends by Lane Hayes – Narrated by Tyler Stevens

Audio Gem

Title: Better Than Friends

Author: Lane Hayes

Narrator: Tyler Stevens

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Run Time: 7 Hours, 25 Minutes

At a Glance: There isn’t single thing I would change about this book.

Reviewed By: Amy

Blurb: When Curt Townsend, a successful young DC lawyer, attends his first gay wedding, he doesn’t expect anything more than a great evening out spent celebrating two lucky guys willing to commit to one another. He certainly doesn’t anticipate meeting someone like Jack Farinelli. Fourteen years Curt’s senior, Jack owns two businesses: a gay bar and a motorcycle shop. He’s gorgeous and self-assured, but Curt is positive they have nothing in common.

Jack is comfortable in his own skin. He’s attracted to Curt’s quick wit and easy manner but most of all, to their unexpected mutual love of baseball. As they forge a friendship based on their shared enthusiasm for the sport, they begin a journey which reveals how their differences might be the catalyst behind a growing attraction. Both men have experienced their share of pain, but they realize they need to set aside the past and learn to trust in a future if they are to have one together.


Review: Oh, where to begin!!!!! This was my first book by Lane Hayes, and I cannot express  how impressed I was by this book. I figured out pretty quickly that this was not the first book in this series, but it truly didn’t affect the story or my comprehension of it. I ADORE Curt and Jack…who doesn’t love the bad guy motorcycle character? What surprised me was how much I was rooting for Curt from the beginning. He was so loveable with his meticulous ways, well almost all of those ways…he is a slob at home, which makes for some fun conversation with Jack throughout the story. The relationship is built slowly and was extremely satisfying. By the time I got to the first sex scene, I was totally hooked. Oh, and can I tell you Lane sure knows how to write sex. There isn’t single thing I would change about this book. I just wish I had read the first two books.

Narration: Tyler Stevens was the narrator for this book, and I also had never heard him narrate. When I first heard his voice, I had a negative reaction. He had a weird voice. By the second chapter I was sold, my gut reaction to this narrator’s voice couldn’t have been more wrong. He was skilled and kept the story moving along. He changed everything from the cadence of his voice to the sound of it with each character. As good as those sex scenes were written, Tyler read them just as well. I would highly recommend this listen, and look forward to reading more from Lane in the future.


You can buy Better Than Friends here:




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