3.5 Stars, Alexa Milne, Genre Romance, Reviewed by Chris, Totally Bound

Review: Sporting Chance by Alexa Milne

Title: Sporting Chance

Author: Alexa Milne

Publisher: Totally Bound Publishing

Pages/Word Count: 256 Pages

At a Glance: Even though there are some things that didn’t work for me in this novel, I’d still recommend reading it for yourself.

Reviewed By: Chris

Blurb: Sometimes keeping hold of love is just as hard as finding it.

Dan and Iestyn are looking for romance. A school trip, a love of history, a wedding, a tango, the game of chess, and their friends and family all help the two men to realise that they’ve finally found true love with each other.

Iestyn thinks that he’s completely ordinary and that Dan is the only out and currently gay rugby player anywhere. Being gay can be difficult enough. Being famous also has its problems. But being gay, famous and a sportsman can make finding love complicated. So when Dan Morgan meets Iestyn Jones and gives him his phone number, their road ahead has more than a few bumps to overcome.

Will Iestyn and Dan overcome the obstacles thrown in their paths? Or will fame destroy their lives as well as their love?


Review: Sporting Chance is the debut novel from author Alexa Milne. The set up for the story is an adorable ‘meet-cute’ between Dan and Iestyn. While on a field trip with his students, Iestyn is surprised by Dan flirting with him and giving him his card for later. Of course, the students are in awe because Dan is the only openly gay, currently playing, professional rugby player in the sport. They think it is super cool that Dan is flirting with their teacher.

Now, this is not the set up for a start to an easy relationship for Dan and Iestyn. Both men have issues they need to work through to be good for the other. While Iestyn is the person all his friends turn to when they need things fixed, to listen to them, etc., his own support system isn’t that great because those friends aren’t the reciprocating type to support him when he needs it. I will admit there are a lot of secondary characters in this story on both Dan’s and Iessie’s side. There were almost too many characters in the story. This, for me, ended up detracting from the time that should be spent on Dan and Iestyn, who I really did like and wanted to have an awesome HEA in the end.

As this was a debut story, I went in with an open mind, knowing there might be things that could pull me out of the story. Fortunately, those times weren’t excessive but enough that I lost the pace of the story for a bit. The story was well written but contained too much of an info dump to keep me solidly in the story. I don’t have a problem with a word heavy book; in fact, I love longer books. A book that dumps a lot of unnecessary information about things happening around the characters, though, tends to pull me from the story. Ultimately, I wanted my focus to stay on Dan and Iestyn, particularly Iestyn, because he was just adorable.

Now this is just my reader/reviewer opinion, and I recommend reading this story for yourself because what doesn’t work for me might work for you. I am definitely going to give future works by this author a try because I really did enjoy her main characters and the basis for the story.


You can buy Sporting Chance here:

All Romance eBooks

All Romance eBooks


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