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Review: Hawaiian Lei by Meg Amor

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Title: Hawaiian Lei

Author: Meg Amor

Publisher: Loose Id

Pages/Word Count: 231 Pages

At a Glance: Don’t miss this one!

Reviewed By: Lana

Blurb: Beau Toyama, a “mixed plate” Hawaiian/Japanese/Tahitian man, is a flight instructor on the Big Island of Hawai’i. He’s a lovely, gentle, shy soul from a dysfunctional island. One day his wife Mikey said, “I love you, babe, but this isn’t working. I need a good man…” She’d paused. “And so do you.”

Matt Quintal, a New Zealand painter with a Norfolk Island and Maori background, has been living the “gay scene” in LA and knows it’s a crock. Needing to escape, his Polynesian soul is drawn back to the Pacific. He visits his sister Rach in Kona on the Big Island, where his spirit connects.

When Matt’s heart is drawn to the sound of a biplane’s radial engines flying overhead, his life is about to change. There’s an instant soul connection and heat between Beau and Matt. Unbeknownst to them, the spirit of Beau’s mom, Tehani, has guided Matt home to Beau.

Beau and Matt need to work together to overcome family dysfunction and abuse. Can they reveal their deep emotional vulnerabilities to find redemption and healing? What they both want is a loving relationship. But they must allow their hearts and souls to open before they can love and trust again.


Review: How do I describe Hawaiian Lei? The only way I can is to say that it’s all about the feels! I suggest having a box of tissues and a pint of ice cream handy, because this is a very emotional story that you will not soon forget. I had goose bumps while reading it, and kept thinking about it long after I was done. Yes, I loved it.

The story is set in Hawaii, and after reading another Hawaii story, I think I have to plan a trip there soon! Hawaii itself is such a character.

Two men, Matt and Beau, are brought together through fate, destiny, or whatever you want to call it, but nevertheless, they were meant to be together. I do believe that sometimes there are forces at play that just cannot be explained. If you are not as open minded, though, this book might seem hokey. But, if you are open to the unexplained, you’ll be left with goose bumps as I was.

Matt is a Kiwi living in LA. He is an artist who’s fed up with the whole LA scene and after many one night stands, he escapes to Hawaii to stay with his sister. One day at the beach, they see a plane flying, and he needs to know who’s flying it. Something calls to him, and Matt is pulled toward it. The pilot is Beau, a Polynesian god who instantly feels the same connection to Matt, and they begin a tenuous relationship. Beau is newly out of the closet and has insecurities that he’s trying to overcome. Both have complicated histories, with lots of emotional baggage, extended family issues, and exes. This is a very emotional story, and the emotions leap off the page and stay with you.

I loved Beau and Matt. They are definitely going on my favorite couples list. Both men completed each other perfectly, and they were perfectly scorching together. Those parts of the book will make you a little bit hot and bothered.
The story deals with dreams and omens, and I really found it interesting the way all were woven together. The story is very mystical and symbolic. I don’t want to give anything away, but it’s worth the read.

One more thing, I would like to think that the author wanted to be a little cheeky by naming the book Hawaiian Lei because I can definitely agree that this is a perfect “Lei” in more ways than one. Don’t miss this one!


You can buy Hawaiian Lei here:

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All Romance eBooks


3 thoughts on “Review: Hawaiian Lei by Meg Amor

  1. Aloha Lana and Novel Approach :-)

    Thank you so much for a wonderful review. I got such a surprise to see it here on my phone tonight. Thrilled to bits. :-).

    Thanks so much to the reviewers and the readers who are liking and loving Lei. It’s just gorgeous.

    Thanks too Lana for noticing the Lei theme weaved through the story. And the double meaning :-). I am too that Beau and Mattie are a favorite couple. That’s lovely.

    Aloha and mahalo nui loa. Meg Amor :-).


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