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Cover Reveal and Giveaway: Percolation, Poetry, and Passion by A.V. Sanders


Title: Percolation, Poetry, and Passion
Author: A.V. Sanders
Publisher: Less Than Three Press
Release Date: August 26, 2015
Cover Artist: A.V. Sanders — I requested to make my own cover for ‘Percolation, Poetry, and Passion’ and LT3 was kind enough to let me do so. The Bay Bridge and this exact view from the Oakland Hills are significant to the relationship between the main characters in this story. The handwritten font I chose for the title I hoped would lend familiarity and the romanticism of ‘poetry’. Finally, the silhouettes of the two men, hand in hand, facing their world together, was a very important and powerful image, both to me and the story.

Blurb: Beckett works at a coffee shop to make ends meet while attending a prestigious university. It’s not the most exciting job, but he’s done it long enough he’s good at it—and can avoid the tedium by spinning sexy little daydreams about things he doubts will ever happen.

Daydreams that soon include Simon, the hot, handsome, and older, freelance writer who stops in one day. But then Simon becomes a regular, a bright spot more interesting than the inside of Beckett’s head, and daydreams start to seem like they could be something far more tangible—if reality doesn’t get in the way first.

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Excerpt: Beckett did not know the older man’s name, and it didn’t matter. When their bodies met, a hot rush swept over Beckett, his breath catching in his throat. The older man took a step into him, leaving Beckett pressed against the wall. The man leaned in, taking a deep inhale, his rough cheek brushing against Beckett’s stubble. He pulled back until their lips met.

Beckett lifted his hands, reaching into the man’s soft, graying hair. The clothing had dissolved from their bodies, nothing left to impede. Their arms moved over one another, fingers smoothing along taut muscles and hard lines–Beckett’s olive-toned skin complementing the older man’s deep tan in their tangle.

He ran his hand through Beckett’s short dark hair, a low growl rumbling in his chest. His large hands closed around Beckett’s shoulders and he turned him around. Beckett’s heart pounded in his ears, anticipation and lust building. The man was rough and strong–knowing what he wanted and what Beckett needed. Then, the Nameless spoke for the first time during their interlude:

“Was my pump sugar-free?”

Beckett startled, blinking a few times.


“That syrup you just put in my drink–was it sugar-free? Because that’s what I ordered.”

The harsh mechanical whirl of a blender and hiss of blow-off steam from an espresso machine brought Beckett back into reality. His handsome stranger had vanished, and in his place was the puffy pale face of an average guy in his thirties. He was wearing an accusing scowl underneath matte black hair and a salt-rimmed baseball cap.

Beckett took a deep breath, the acrid scent of coffee pushing the last vestiges of his imagined lover out of his mind. He strained to give the customer a pleasant smile.

“Yep. Three pumps, one sugar-free vanilla and two hazelnut–just like it says on the cup.”

Puffy-scowl walked away and didn’t say thanks. Beckett disliked being questioned and prickled further when it was shot from over the coffee bar partition. He took pride in his job as a barista at The Percolation Station. He had been working at the eclectic, industrial style coffee house since he was a freshman at Berkeley. After graduating last week, the four years of pulling espresso shots meant he could make these drinks in his sleep. Sometimes, he did–he always felt ripped-off waking up from a night of those pointless, dull dreams.

An errant thought about adding a pump of simple syrup to the guy’s drink skipped through his mind. Beckett never did understand why people risked being rude to those handling what you’re about to put into your body.


tumblr_static_72snlag4rtc8k8ockgo0gcc80About the Author: A.V. Sanders loves and lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. She shares her home with her husband, two cats, and tropical aquarium fish. She is an avid hoarder of Halloween decorations and inconsequential information. When writing science fiction, mystery, and horror with LGBTQ main characters, she can be found staying up all hours of the night listening to endless sets of EDM music. She is an advocate of love, art, animals and frivolous acts of beauty. She also has a growing suspicion that not causing harm to one another is what matters in the end.

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A.V. Sanders would like to offer one lucky reader the chance to win an ARC of Percolation, Poetry, and Passion. Just click on the Rafflecopter widget to enter.

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  2. mmcewenasker says:

    Congratulations. A wonderful cover and a great excerpt–although not my favorite : 0
    I shall enjoy re-reading when the story hits the press.

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