4 Stars, Amber Allure, K.M. Mahoney, Reviewed by Jennifer, Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Urban Fantasy

Review: Dragon Herder by K.M. Mahoney

Title: Dragon Herder

Author: K.M. Mahoney

Publisher: Amber Allure

Pages/Word Count: 82 pages

At a Glance: Short, but with an interesting mythology and adorable baby dragons.

Reviewed By: Jennifer

Blurb: Torgny may be a burly, uncivilized mercenary, but even he has his limits. Hired to rid a village of a dragon, Torgny gets quite a shock when he finds the marauding menace is a tiny pink dragon named Jezebel, who takes one look at him and decides she’s found a new best friend. Much to the annoyance of her handler, Noel, who seems to believe most people are prejudiced idiots.

Torgny’s not sure Noel’s wrong about people, but he would really like to be the exception to that opinion. Noel is tall and attractive, and Torgny falls into a case of instant lust.

When Noel decides it’s time to move the dragons to safety, Torgny tags along, determined to explore this attraction between them. It’s a journey fraught with danger, interfering gods, and rambunctious baby dragons, but if they can survive, they might just find a life for which neither realized they were seeking.


Review: I really wish this story had been longer because I wanted to explore the mythology of the world more. Plus, I really liked Torgny and Noel as characters, and, well, Jezebel. You really can’t get much cuter than a pink baby dragon that just barrels around like she owns the place.

Torgny is a mercenary hired to exterminate dragons, but he has a heart. When he finds Jezebel, he can’t kill her because she’s just too cute. As a result, he puts Noel and his dragons in danger when the townspeople think dragons are the cause of a fire. Because of this, he decides to help Noel move the dragons, whether Noel wants the help or not.

Noel is understandably skeptical of this. He lives alone with the dragons, only sometimes getting a visit from his parent, the god Skandi. But, the two quickly fall for each other, and no one is getting left behind.

I was thrown off at first by how quickly Noel and Torgny fell for each other. I mean, the story takes place over the course of about three or four days, so I did kind of roll my eyes at it, but despite that, I still liked the characters. Also, Noel is hiding a big secret, but I can’t give that away or it would ruin a major plot point! Suffice to say, I wasn’t really expecting it.

There aren’t many other characters—the rest are townspeople or unnamed attackers. The only other person to show up is Noel’s parent, Skandi, who is pretty funny. I wish he had been present longer, or showed up again before the end of the story. In fact, I would read a book on his antics alone.

If you’re looking for a quick read and you like dragons, give this book by K.M. Mahoney a read. If nothing else, you’ll love Jezebel!



You can buy Dragon Herder here:

All Romance eBooks

All Romance eBooks


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