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Audio Review: Deliver Me by Remmy Duchene – Narrated by Paul Morey

Title: Deliver Me

Author: Remmy Duchene

Narrator:: Paul Morey

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Run Time: 3 Hours and 56 Minutes

At a Glance: This is my first time hearing Paul Morey narrate. There is depth to his voice, and it’s very pleasing to the ear.

Reviewed By: Maryann

Blurb: The severe bullying he suffered as a teenager left Jack Flemming scarred both physically and emotionally. Now an adult, he has carved out a life for himself as co-owner of the Mechanic Shop. He enjoys his volunteer work with the throwaway boys and has a supportive best friend. When the past resurfaces in a phone call from Zachariah Durban, Jack discovers that while living is easy, forgiveness is much harder.

Zachariah Durban did a bad thing when he was a young punk of a teenager. But right after he did it, he knew it wasn’t right. Still, he ran away and made something of himself as a big shot author. Now, living in the south of France with writer’s block hitting him hard, Zachariah knows something has to change—starting with earning Jack Flemming’s forgiveness.


Review: Jack Flemmings and Zachariah Durban were suppose to be friends in high school. Then the night of Winter Prom, Jack almost dies from an awful prank, and now their friendship is dead.

15 Years Later

In high school Jack took shop. At the age of twenty-two he was encouraged to go to college, and he got his mechanic’s license. He now owns his own garage, and he also volunteers at the Agency, a place for young boys, most who are gay and have nowhere else to go. Jack brings old cars in and helps the boys do repairs. The boys vote on what to do with the proceeds earned from sale of the cars. Jack also concerns himself with all the boys’ education, especially Jordan’s. Jack has big plans for Jordan. Is adoption in his and Jordan’s future?

Zachariah Durban ran away from what he needed to face fifteen years ago. He is a famous writer now living in the South of France. Zach has been carrying guilt and shame and a secret for those fifteen years, and time hasn’t healed him. His burdens have finally taken their toll, and Zach is having writer’s block because of Jack.

Jack’s friend and employee, Roberto, has been fielding phone call from Zach. Jack just doesn’t want to deal with Zach anymore, but Roberto finally convinces Jack to talk with Zach, who proposes a plan; he’ll send his private plane to pick-up Jack. Even though Jack considers not going, he gives in. Jack figures, what could he lose? He’ll just get this over with and never have to deal with Zach again.

When Zach finally tells Jack what he wants, there is a physical altercation, one that makes Jack leave Zach’s home. Jack finds his way to a café, where he meets Claudia, Zach’s sister. He explains the situation to her, and she insists that he stay at her home. Then Claudia calls and let’s Zach know where Jack is, but the question is, can Jack and Zach help each other heal old wounds, and do they want to?

This is my first time hearing Paul Morey narrate. There is depth to his voice, and it’s very pleasing to the ear. He gives a definite distinction to the characters’ voices, and emotions are clearly reflected. I especially liked the characters of Claudia and Roberto, as both were very supportive in their roles. Jenny was also a sweet little character.

Remmy Duchene’s Deliver Me was also a first for me. I liked the story and the characters. The only part I felt could have been handled differently was the fight at the high school reunion.



You can buy Deliver Me here:




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