3 Stars, Amber Allure, Genre Romance, Reviewed by Sadonna, Shawn Lane

Review: Just His by Shawn Lane

Title: Just His

Author: Shawn Lane

Publisher: Amber Allure

Pages/Word Count: 13,000 Words

At a Glance: This is a really nice follow up story for Geoff from Unconditionally His that provides a much happier ending.

Reviewed By: Sadonna

Blurb: After his boss at the hospital suggests he take a sabbatical for a much-needed rest, neurologist Geoff Spencer ends up at his friend’s cabin in Big Bear, California. But to Geoff’s surprise, his former lover is also there—his friend’s brother, the beautiful Adrian Michels, a brooding artist and a “commitment-phobe” who broke Geoff’s heart years earlier before leaving unexpectedly for Europe.

Now, Adrian suggests a no-strings affair while Geoff is with him in Big Bear. Although torn, Geoff eventually agrees. But what he really wants is for Adrian to be his—just his—for eternity.


Review: Dr. Geoff Spencer from the previous His series book is kind of an ass. He’s had an affair with nurse Micah and has dated a fellow doctor who ends up with Micah. He’s jealous and not too nice about it – so much so that his inappropriate behavior has gotten the notice of his boss. He’s sent on a “sabbatical” to get his head together.

He heads to a friend’s “cabin” in Big Bear, where he is surprised to see his first true love – the brother of his friend. Geoff has never really gotten over Adrian, and his heart is still a little broken from when Adrian left him to “find himself.” At the time, Adrian was a young artist, and he didn’t want to make the kind of commitment that Geoff needed.

Both men have changed, but will those changes be compatible now, at this time of their lives? Adrian really hopes so as he’s grown up a lot since he left Geoff. Geoff tries to take what Adrian offers without getting his hopes up.

I really enjoyed this story and getting some of the answers to why Geoff was such a jerk in the previous story. Adrian is a very cool character, and we also get an explanation for his actions that led to Geoff’s broken heart. Overall, a good addition to this series and a nice short and worthwhile read, but I would recommend reading Unconditionally His first.


You can buy Just His here:

All Romance eBooks

All Romance eBooks


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