3 Stars, Audio Book, Dreamspinner Press, Genre Romance, Kate Sherwood, Narration Rating - 4 Stars, Reviewed by Sadonna

Audio Review: More than Chemistry by Kate Sherwood – Narrated by Derrick McClain

Title: More than Chemistry

Author: Kate Sherwood

Narrator: Derrick McClain

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Run Time: 2 Hours and 13 Minutes

At a Glance: A humorous and fun story that illustrates that the heart wants what the heart wants.

Reviewed By: Sadonna

Blurb: Jack Lawson grew up poor and can’t forget it. He’s a huge success in the business world, but it won’t be enough until the image of “poor little Jack” is completely wiped away. When Jack runs into his old friend, Noah Mercier, he decides that Noah’s sister, an up-and-coming movie star, would be the perfect evidence of glamorous success. If Jack can win Hayley, it will be clear to everyone, including himself, that he has truly arrived.

The problem with Jack’s grand plan is that he’s more attracted to Noah. Jack’s never worried about the gender of his conquests, but Noah just isn’t flashy enough for Jack’s scheme to set the world on fire… unless Jack realizes he has practically no control over deciding who he wants—and even less choice in who he needs.


Review: Jack is a self-made man who is the CEO of his company. He grew up in much different circumstances, though, so he still feels like he has to “prove” his success every day.

When meeting with a new ad firm, he recognizes Noah, a guy on the team, as a guy from his high school. He thinks he’ll be able to use this to his advantage, and so he decides that he will only work with Noah. This freaks Noah out because he’s really a tech guy – not a client guy. But Jack has a pretty quirky personality, and he really likes to mess with people, and he wants to control the situation with this agency. For his part, Noah is shocked that Jack even remembers him. But it seems that Jack actually does like Noah, and he wants him to succeed. They end up spending quite a bit of time together, and Jack really enjoys his time with Noah – they seem to be developing a real connection. Noah lacks a bit of self-confidence. He makes sure Jack knows he is gay. Jack is bisexual and really doesn’t seem to worry too much about labels or the gender of his partners.

When Jack discovers that Noah’s sister is a movie star, he decides that will be the final feather in his cap to show that he has truly arrived. He wheedles and coerces Noah into securing a date with Hayley (the sister) for a hockey game. Noah isn’t comfortable with that, but he gives in to the force of nature that is Jack, and he agrees to go with them to the game.

When the time comes for the date, though, it turns out that both men are having second thoughts and mixed feelings. There are some big surprises for Jack, and for Noah as well, and it turns out that sometimes what you think you want isn’t at all what you need.

I had forgotten when I signed up to review this audiobook that I had read the story several years ago, right when it was published. Kate Sherwood is a favorite author – her Dark Horse series is one of my all-time favorites, and my favorite ménage series to date. This is a MUCH lighter tale, and the narrator makes it that much more fun. His characterizations – particularly of the quirky and clueless Jack – are spot on and definitely enliven the story. I really loved the secondary characters too – especially Hayley and Jack’s assistant, Claire. I would definitely listen to another audiobook with this narrator. Definitely recommended for a delightful couple of hours fun.


You can buy More than Chemistry here:




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