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Guest Post and Giveaway: The Meant for Me Blog Tour With Ann Lister

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The Novel Approach welcomes author Ann Lister as a first time guest today, on her Meant for Me blog tour. Enjoy her guest post and then be sure to enter for the chance to win some great prizes by clicking on the Rafflecopter widget below. Here’s a rundown of what’s up for grabs:

• 5 signed copies of one Rock Gods title (5 winners)
• 5 swag bundles (5 winners)
• 1 signed set (4 titles) of The Rock Gods series

• 1 digital set of The complete Rock Gods Series (1 winner)
• 5 e copies of a Rock God book of choice (5 winners)

Good luck!


Get A Real Job

How many people do you hear say they love their jobs?  I wish more were able to admit to that, and I do feel blessed I am able to say I love my job.  Some aspects of the writing process are a lot of fun.  When I’m in “writing mode” and the story is flowing freely through my fingertips, it doesn’t feel like work at all and that’s probably why many of my family and friends don’t look at what I do as a “real job”.  Sometimes I get angry at that, but I do understand why they might see it that way.  They hear about me taking trips to amazing cities for book signings, meeting other authors and the fans that thankfully follow us around to these events, and my family and friends wonder where I get off saying I’m working.  It could also be because when they do see me sitting at my desk writing I appear to be too happy to be at work.  That’s true.  I am very content when I’m writing.  Most often when I am sitting in front of my laptop creating, I am in my happy zone – my personal nirvana.  I have the music cranked loud in my office and I get to hang out (inside my head) with these amazing characters for long periods of time, making them do and say all sorts of incredible things.

Seriously, what’s not to like about that?

The elements most people never see of the “writing process” for an independently published author like myself, is the fact I typically work seven days a week and do erratic hourly schedules that include days, nights, and weekends, and the hours can run into the double digits on some days.  Staying on track with book release deadlines is where the work stress can come in to play.

Once you finish the first draft of the story there is usually several rounds of editing which need to be done.  This gives you a second, third, and sometimes a fourth draft to the story.  While the editing phase is going on you’re likely overseeing the creation of the cover artwork.  This involves selecting and approving the models for the cover or the stock photographs to be used, background material, fonts, colors, and so on.  This task can take several hours of input between the author and the graphic artist until the final cover art is approved by the author.  When you have an edited, final manuscript it then needs to be electronically formatted for submission to Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and the various other sales outlets, then all the files need to be submitted to the outlets.

There is also the marketing end of the business to deal with, which in my opinion is a second full-time job in itself, and the marketing is just as important as writing the book.  If you don’t market your book no one will see it, and if no one finds your book you won’t sell any copies.  It is a simple concept, but like every other detail to the process of releasing a book, it takes hours and hours of time.  Add to that the networking, answering emails, interviews, blog tours, giveaways or contests and then shipping out the books and merchandise for the winners and so on.  Next thing you know the hours involved in getting a book released have added up to astronomical numbers and the work is tedious.

Does that sound like a “real job” to you?

Having said all that, I still wouldn’t trade this job for any other on the planet.  It truly is a labor of love and I am honored to be able to create books that can entertain a reader.

~Ann Lister


Book Title: Meant For Me, The Rock Gods series, Book 5
Author Name: Ann Lister
Publisher: SleighFarm Publishing Group
Book Length: 270 pages
Genre: Gay Romance, Erotic
Book Release Date: May 28, 2015
Cover Artist: Kellie Dennis from Book Cover By Design

Blurb: Tony Wilcox, the quiet keyboard player for Ivory Tower, has always believed he was straight. A sexual encounter with his best friend leaves Tony questioning his heart and the unwavering attraction he has for Jared. Living and working together is no longer enough for Tony… he wants more. He wants Jared as his.

Jared Baker, the bass player for the band, has a past that is getting in the way of him fully embracing what he wants… Tony. He’s tried everything to create distance between them, but none of it eliminated the feelings he has developed for Tony.

Trying to suppress the anger and confusion from Jared withdrawing from his life, Tony does his best to get beyond the feelings he has for his friend. When Jared becomes deathly ill, it’s Tony that he calls for help and Tony has to decide if he can heal Jared without giving away too much of his heart.

Can best friends find their way to true love and discover if they were meant for each other, or will the challenges of life force them to choose separate paths?

Buy Link Meant for Me: Amazon

Buy Links for the Rest of the Series: Fall For Me (Book 1) | Take What You Want (Book 2) | Make You Mine (Book 3) | Looking At Forever (Book 4)


Ann Lister - Author PictureAbout the Author: Ann Lister writes erotic love stories using beautifully drawn characters; flawed and emotionally damaged, and at the height of their careers, each in search of the one thing that still eludes them: love.

The Rock Gods series gave her Bestselling Author status on Amazon. Each book in this series brings her two favorite elements together: musicians and the love between two men. These stories focus on what it truly means to love; love unconditionally, love without restrictions or labels, love without fear or judgment – to just simply love.

Find Ann Lister At: Facebook Author Page | Website | Twitter: @AnnListerAuthor



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  1. Valerie Degeorge says:

    Awesome post
    Ann please keep up your job we love you and wish you all the best
    Txs for everything you do ❤️❤️


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